Google Changes to Meta Tag and HTML File Verification Methods

Google has made some changes to the way Webmaster Tools users verify their websites by simplifying the file verification process, and by eliminating the checks for non-existent URLs. Read the full article:  Google Alters Site Verification in Webmaster Tools

Special note for bloggers – I would like to draw your attention to makes search engine verification easy

2 thoughts on “Google Changes to Meta Tag and HTML File Verification Methods

  1. yes Google has changed 2 methods, but they are not new

    1. “Google has also changed the way it handles verification by HTML file. In the past, if a user’s site returned an HTTP status code besides 404 for URLs that didn’t exist, they wouldn’t be able to use the file verification method. ”

      I have experienced this 404 problem with some sites. Authentication used to give an error because the 404 did not come up like they want. If this is now fixed that’s good news.

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