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Protect your PC

sidebarimageI just read and bookmarked an excellent post that IMO all PC users ought to read and also bookmark.

There are many things to keep in check regarding the health and security of your PC. These factors can be overwhelming but its really not as hard as you may think. Consider these 10 easy ways to protect your PC and take the worry off of your mind.

Read the full post: Top 10 Easy Ways to Protect Your PC

16 thoughts on “Protect your PC

  1. hey timethief, do you know anything why the followers on blogger aren’t showing up? It seems to be pretty widespread. Also I’m trying to figure out wordpress and want to layer pages but can’t seem to figure it out. One more thing, how do you make the fonts bigger on wordpress? You need a magnifying glass to see them. thanks. Sarah

    • No I’m sorry I don’t know why the followers on Blogger aren’t showing up. Maybe you should check the known issues link. I dodn’t know what you mean by layering pages. With wordpress blog we can have as many pages and subpages as we want. The font sizes are defined by the various theme designers and are coded into the underlying templates of their themes which we cannot edit on blogs. Any reader can simply hold the ctrl key down and click the + key at the same time and make fonts larger.

  2. I must confess that I decided to take break from blogging. Should really start again. My blog needs a design edit in more ways than one. Going over dead links etc.

    I am so sorry to hear that you are not well. Is it that accident still nagging you? Both your legs and concussion and what not. I really hope that things will start looking better for you, timethief. My very, very best wishes!

    I was mighty glad when I found you in the WP forums. Even if your comments are few and far between compared to the old days. But now I know why.

    Get well soon, tt! I’ll keep my fingers crossed. :mrgreen:

    • @universalgenie
      Many bloggers become overwhelmed with events in their daily lives at work and at home. They find the stress gets to them and hampers their ability to create fresh content so they take blogging breaks. I’m glad to hear your break is over and you are focused on setting your blog to rights.

      It’s been a year since my accident that resulted in a head injury and I’ve had to undergo a lot of testing to determine how much healing has taken place and how much damage remains. Aside from that I experienced the worst fibromyalgia flare-up I have ever had and required treatment for it. Simultaneously with that another long term health condition that was asleep briefly awoke and required treatment as well. WHEW! I had a terrible summer.

      I feel like I’ve been on a treadmill and I’m still running this week as I’m nearing the end of all the medical testing. I’m hoping to be able to focus more on my own blogging, as well as, on reading blogs and commenting once this marathon is over.

      Best wishes for happy blogging.

    • Thanks so much. It’s been a long time since our paths crossed. I am lagging behind in all things as I have been very sick all summer and going back and forth to doctors offices, labs and hospital. I hope to be caught up by the end of the month so I can then publish 3 times weekly. I hope you are enjoying your blogging.

  3. This article is listing the ‘Basics’ that many users are not following, unfortunately and then complain about having problems so thanks for sharing.

    • Lets clarify i am hamburg’s point on ‘its been around for ages’.

      Even though information has ‘been around for ages’ certain things are constantly over-looked and forgotten about. Hence, why I put the article together in the first place.

      Furthermore, most blogs repeat information. That’s one purpose of blogs… when you learn of something that is interesting, you blog about it.

      Building on that point, blogs will tend to repeat information, especially when concerning popular topics… Given the size of the internet and the number of people communicating information with each other, you can see how certain subjects may come up over and over.

      With that being said, there is no harm in refreshing a subject or topic especially when its well put together.

      Closing on this thought… On the internet you will find the most critical and opinionated people, even when they really don’t have anything new or enlightening to say.

      So, Mr. I Am Hamburg… Ironic is the fact that I think the same about your reply as you do about my article. It has been around for ages.


    • Ian, if you’re looking for a silver bullet, there isn’t any. Though this article have covered the best practices to keep your WinPC safe. I think it can do a lot of good, since a lot of people have no concept of security.

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