Increase traffic to your blog

The webinar is an encore of a presentation Ed did at Frank Kern’s Mass Control event in April 2009 which garnered him a standing ovation. Ed also introduces Thirty Day Challenge Plus, and outlines “What To Expect From Thirty Day Challenge Plus….”

In this video you find out the various ways you can increase traffic to your blog

12 thoughts on “Increase traffic to your blog

  1. Good vedio, most of the points are very valid

    1. I’m glad you liked it. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. i’ll try this

    1. Best wishes. If you are interested in a step by step thorough approach then you will benefit from reading and following the steps in Twenty five steps to increase blog traffic.

  3. I am having a horrid time with I post music blogs. Many video’s. HTML editor there is a nightmare. I wanted to copy my video’s and post them to another blog site. Oh Marron’

    I copied the embedded codes from You Tube to paste them on word-press, but when I wanted to copy them to paste them elsewhere. Different shortened codes that only work at word-press. And the main blog page even took a long time to download when I posted a non video blog. I don’t know how to just get a summery of the blogs posted, instead of the whole damn thing posted, and it takes forever to download my main page.. I’ve got to admit I’m not computer and blog smart. But E-Blogger was a lot easier.

    And today every time I attempted to go to my blog at Word-press, it froze my computer every time. I’m puzzled. Not freezing up anywhere else.

    1. I have never ever experienced the problems that you describe. Have you posted to the peer support forum and asked for help? Or have you contacted Staff?

  4. This is a very educational post so thanks for sharing, TimeTheif. As for the link exchanging, for sure it’s important to think about relevancy!

  5. The information is exceptional, good more people must watch it

    1. I thought so too. Thanks for the comment and for spreading the word.

  6. The classical 7 steps to get visitors are as follows:
    1. Optimize your website.
    2. Submit your link to all possible search engines and directories.
    3. Contact webmasters with pages for links exchange
    4. Post in forums. Comment on blogs. Comment here.
    5. Be on places where your target market audience visits.
    6. Write and submit articles on your topics with embedded self-reviews of your site/ product/expert’s name. Don’t get scared – article is just a longer post. It is just a well elaborated answer to question in your area
    7. Open your free web accounts in Facebook, Myspace, WikiAnswers, AllExperts and all other community websites because it is true that huge number of your potential audience is already there.
    Really a nice video,thanks for sharing this video with us.Really a nice post.

    1. I disagree with 3. Non-reciprocal links are what every blog needs. Reciprocal links of high quality to related sites only are okay. However, both you and I know that value of these links is diminished by how many links are on a page and where one’s link is positioned on it. It’s the webmasters who have gamed the system that have been ruining things for us all. Google constantly has to come up with new ways to cope their disreputable behaviors. I am extremely cautions about reciprocal linking and advise every blogger to also be cautious.

      Regarding 4. It’s my observation that spamming forums is becoming a thing of the past. Bloggers have had it with the spamming set who offer nothing to forum discussions and who only post to link drop.

      1. I agree with you on #4 regarding the people that are just on the forums or blogs to promote themselves; however, I think becoming an active member of a forum that is in the same niche as your blog is a great way to spread the word about your site. As well, by being actively involved in your niche topic then you will find new ideas and problems that need solving.

        Thanks for posting this list though. It is pretty useful.


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