Houseplants can tweet too

cloverDo you have a greenthumb?
Or do you have a brown thumb?
Do you forget to water your houseplants?

A group of researchers at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program came up with Botanicalls—a small leaf-shaped electronic device that allows houseplants to tweet about their thirst via Twitter.

Botanicalls opens a new channel of communication between plants and humans, in an effort to promote successful inter-species understanding.

The Botanicalls project is fundamentally about communication between plants and people. We are empowering both by inventing new avenues of interaction. Plants that might otherwise be neglected are given the ability to call and text message people to request assistance. People who are unsure of their ability to effectively care for growing things are given visual and aural clues using common human methods of communication.

The original Botanicalls system (initally developed in 2006) enabled houseplants to make phone calls in an effort to open a new channel of communication between plants and humans. Now there is a new program that allows your houseplants to tweet their need for watering.

Playfully matching botanical characteristics to voice intonation, the group made the ivy’s voice sound creepy, the spider plant’s bubbly, and the Cuban oregano’s sultry.

4 thoughts on “Houseplants can tweet too

  1. That’s quite cute, and also slightly scary.

    1. There’s a creepiness I can’t express well. It’s a feeling you apparently share. :)

  2. This is a very cute news. We take turns in watering our plants so it is not really a problem for plants. However I understand that people who live alone and are on the go sometimes need to be reminded that their other pet needs some feeding. I think owning plants is one way to relieve stress and promote fresh air.

    1. I checked it out and the kit costs $99.99 so that’s a lot of “cute”. As for me I don’t forget to water my plants and I won’t be getting them a twitter account any time soon. ;)

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