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Netvibes Drag’n’Follow Facebook, MySpace, Twitter Widgets

Netvibes Introduces New Drag-and-Follow Facebook, MySpace and Twitter Widget

Netvibes is a free portal you can personalize. All the information you need in one page. With the rapid growth of real-time content and activity feeds from sources like Facebook and Twitter, many people are struggling to keep track of multiple friends and interests that change day-to-day.  Netvibes has launched a novel solution and industry first: drag-and-follow widgets.

New Facebook, MySpace and Twitter widgets now enable users to instantly create new widgets to follow new interests simply by dragging and dropping any feed item to their personalized page. You can instantly create separate new widgets to follow any interesting new conversation, topic or friend you find in your activity feeds, simply by dragging and dropping items onto your Netvibes personalized page.

Netvibes Drag’n’Follow video

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