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Are you down on iframe toolbars?

When it comes to social network toolbars (iframes) that redirect urls by pointing to landing pages on social networks, rather than to the original sources, are we witnessing a new tip of the iceberg trend, or a throwback to the 1990’s?

The potential security issues with iframes are too numerous to count and that’s why at we cannot use them. Using iframes of websites became unpopular in the late 1990’s, when content thieves used them in conjunction with hosting ads over website content to generate extra income. While it’s true that many free proxy sites still practice this framing, I’m peeved off that Digg, Facebook and Blog Catalog are using them.

What’s more? The fact that I now have to click at least twice and in some cases three times, to get the real link is so annoying that I turn the dang things of. So unless or until someone penetrates my thick skull and convinces me that to having the urls to my blog posts redirected to social network landing pages benefits my blog and creates no security risks, I’m remain unimpressed.

Today I read an interesting post in Social News Watch that highlights the same annoyance I have been feeling Did Digg Just “Bait & Switch” Twitter Users?

“When Digg removed the internal Shout feature and integrated with Twitter and Facebook, users flocked to these sites as a way to spread their content. The Diggbar URL shortener attached to the these new share options allowed users to Tweet content they found on or submitted to Digg. Sending unauthenticated clicks to the landing page has forced many to abandon using Diggbar altogether.”

Discussion questions:
(1) Have you noticed this “shortening of urls” that directs the Google link juice back to Digg’s landing pages rather than to the original sources?

(2) What is your response to it?

  • Are you still digging?
  • If so, are you using the toolbar?
  • Or are digging but not using the toolbar?
  • Or have you given up on Digg?

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4 thoughts on “Are you down on iframe toolbars?

  1. Did you see this?
    The idea that the people who run Digg would have no problem f’ing with users’ links and frustrating other people just to bring more traffic to their site shows what a low-class operation it is. I’ve rarely used Digg, and never promoted it via Sociable or ShareThis on my blog. Who wants to risk playing host to a mob? I’ll stick with StumbleUpon and Delicious — and Identica, Twitter, Facebook and Friendfeed. Anyone but Digg.

  2. I don’t (want to) use Digg, so I haven’t seen this iFrame toolbar of theirs. All I know is that, as long as such toolbars can be easily closed or disabled, I’ve got no problems with them (even the BC one).
    I did some more reading about this DiggBar thing. It seems to have happened without the knowledge of of Digg founder, Kevin Rose. Unless the change is reversed, this will definitely drive users away and to “things that just work”, like TinyURL and such. And, even then, I’m not that big a fan of URL-shortening services.

  3. I only use digg and other social websites for one reason and it’s to help my friends promote their blogs! I digg, engage, stumble, mix, buzz etc…

    I don’t use the digg toolbar like you I find it extremely annoying and 3 clicks to see the original source of an article is silly! I installed a toolbar at blogengage and removed it after maybe 24 hours!

    1. It stops the page rank juice dead and that’s not cool for most bloggers!
    2. I find it takes away from the source article.

    I even noticed re tweet started sing one! I guess it’s like the clothing industry and similar to the 60’s clothing it is making a come back!

  4. I never used digg too much. I used to digg 5-8 articles a month. I still do that. The removal of the share button had a little effect on me i guess. No, i dontuse the toolbar and i obviously didnt give up on Digg.

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