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Blogging: SEO images enhance your posts

While it’s not always necessary to include images in your posts  doing so adds interest and eye appeal.  Also when it comes to bringing search engine traffic to blogs, images  do that. Even if readers do not like your posts, image searches can bring your blog hits. This post contains tips for SEO of images.

SEO for images

The Google crawler cannot read image scripts and therefore using the ALT attribute (providing a description) will allow you to tell the crawler what the image is referring to. If you want your images to be indexed by the search spiders then give your images the full treatment (TITLE tag, ALT tag Description).

Without a TITLE tag, no ‘hover text’ will show up when the mouse passes over your image. Hover text is a useful way of letting your readers know what’s in a picture.

Without an ALT tag, Google  will likely fail to index your images correctly according to the keywords you want, because those key words have not been provided. In other words, if you do not provide a description, you are depriving your images of possible hits that could have come if it had been used and had included key words.

Also note that it takes up to 6 months for Google image search to find your pictures, but it will miss your pictures altogether if you don’t use ALT tags  and Title tags correctly.

Additional SEO tips for image optimization

  • Surround your image with pertinent text.
  • If your image isn’t unique (i.e  another instance in Google index),  then resize it so  it will look different for search engines.
  • Use high quality images only and the SERP thumbnail will have a better appearance.


52 thoughts on “Blogging: SEO images enhance your posts

  1. Egads! I’ve been neglecting ALT tags… I’ve not used them at all! Nor descriptions. Just titles and captions…

    Does it matter either way if I use the same info for title and ALT tags? Or the same info for captions and descriptions?

    I see a LOT of fiddly work in my future, trying to go back and fix these oversights… *sigh*

  2. Hi

    Thanks for all the cool tips. Really helpful!

    Just been looking at Google Image Labeller and I can’t see how it lets me specify that I want to label my website.

    Guess it’s changed since you wrote this article?

    Thanks again!

    • I’m not clear why you are having difficulty. Maybe you aren’t clear about that site. The site is a practice site for teaching purposes.

      I click the link in the post and arrive here > There I find:
      “Welcome to Google Image Labeler, a feature of Google Search that allows you to label images and help improve the quality of Google’s image search results.”

      When you upload an image into a post or page on your blog you see the fields listed below. Enter relevant information into them.
      Alternate Text

      N.B. Captions are optional.

      • Hi

        I guess I misunderstood what you meant when you wrote: “Consider using the Google Image Labeler to help Google know what’s your image is about.”

        I thought you meant that Google Image Labeller was a tool that would let me label my image.on my blog. Which would have been a dramatic change from the last time I looked at it! Having looked at it again yesterday I see that it hasn’t changed!

        Thanks again for all the great content

        Best regards
        Ivor Morgan

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for this. I looked into long tail version as well, but not sure how to add that another page and make for images separate page in WP.
    Maybe u could give more insight of that. Do u actually use this?

    Thanks for post again.

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  5. Great post – Just subscribed to your RSS feed.. Thanks
    Very interesting post – Might be old new, but it was new to me. Thanks.

  6. but its really hard sometime to find a related image…Yah, I agree its appealing to the eye when we saw posts with picture…that’s what I am supposed to do, thanks tt.

  7. i use alt and title tag too this is work nice because i know that it can tell the search engines what the picture is about. beside it good for seo too.. however i’m just a niwbie and i want to learn many thing about wordpress seo and i will bookmark your link for my next visit thanks :)

  8. Awesome Tips! Its good to know that there are people out there that are truly interesting in assisting the blogging community! My company & I always tend to put images since they give high note to what is being said in the post.

  9. I agree that image bring traffic to our blog. In WordPress, you can use image but hide the image by taking out the image code for better fast loading. You can also hide it in the homepage but show up in single post page. I am doing this at my blog.

  10. wow this is really helpful ive spend more time finding a good SEO guide, this one is really cool and easy to follow…:)

  11. i agree that images are important part of seo, and now a days importance of “ALT” tag is increasing day by day… Nice post dude..

  12. Again, another great piece of information from you. I love reading your blog, you are awesome at what you do. Your tips always turn out to be very valuable. Thanks again for sharing.

  13. Using pictures is a great way to make your blog a lot more visually appealing. Seeing plain text posts reminds of textbooks from back in middle school. Plus the seo benefits are great.

    Kind of funny actually, but I just wrote a post about using pictures is blog posts today and happen to randomly stumble across this post.

    Look forward to reading more of your stuff.

    • @Justin
      Thanks so much for reading my post and commenting to. You know what they say about great minds well, I guess ours were in sych.

  14. I totally agree. Anytime there isn’t a picture.. I just leave the site and go to the next one that does. A picture is worth a thousand words and I need to be drawn in with those!

    These are some great tips that I am going to try to use in my blog! Thank you for posting!

  15. I use lots of images and tend to remember to add the alt tag. I have never however heard about Google Image labeler.

    Merci beaucoup for the tip.

  16. Dear TT, A picture is always worth more than thousand words, so do the image. You may notice that I have the relevant images at most of my post, if not all.

    Word is not precise comparatively to image.So, thanks for your wise thought in this respect.

  17. I always try to put a nice pictures of beautiful ladies on my posts. I am not sure who enjoys looking at them more – readers or myself… =D As well, I noticed that Google brings people to my site because of images.

  18. Great post – got me thinking.

    I make sure to give my jpegs meaningful names. In other words, not 563.jpg but dog-with-bone.jpg.

    WordPress then uses that as the alt tag.

    And I heard (I think it was from Matt Cutts from Google in one of his video casts) that to assist crawling, one should name an image


    rather than


    • @David
      Yes, descriptive names are best for indexing/SEO and underscores in names should be avoided. Thanks for sharing the tips. I appreciate it.

  19. Good post. No wonder this blog has a page rank of 4. Well, It always my practice to put Image on my blog post on my site: The code of Blogging. But one mistake found out here is I always use the same text for TITLE and ALT, thanks for the tip. :D

  20. I found your post very useful. I will be adding more alt tags to my photos after reading your post here. BTW – I really like your new avatar. It has a softer and more reflective look about it.

    • @RecycleCindy
      I’m glad to hear you got something from this post as I know you have a lot of images. Thanks for the compliment.

  21. Thanks so much for the helpful tips, timethief. I am an old fan for the “Placing-Images-with-every-Post Club” if this club exsist because it add more flavor for the subject of the post.

    again: congrats on the new look + new avatar :)

  22. I use SEO Image Plugin in wordpress to automatically using file name as title of the image in blog posting. Keep blogging.

  23. hello, i always try put image to my post, but should be image always related to post content? or image only attribut to give eye-catching?thx as before

    • @rif-one
      Wherever possible I believe images ought to relate to post content. If they don’t then they are only eye catching in the sense of distracting readers away from the theme in the text.

  24. timethief, Your blog posts on OneCoolSite.Com have always been very informative. Thanks for sharing this latest post for it tells a lot about using images with blog post.
    Dear TT that’s why I respect you very much. For you’ve been very co-operative, particularly with new bloggers. Wish you all the best.
    Keep up the wonderful job !

  25. I always want to put an image for every post I made. I already read this image can get more visitors through images search, but always hard for me to make an image for every post. Is the image must related to our post or it can be “whatever” image???

    • @Another Blogger
      I like to put a thumbnail image in most posts. I do try to find and use images related to the posts. If I could go back in time I would have a blog that has the same size of images in all the posts where images have been used. I would also upload all my images into a third part site so if I ever moved my blog there would be no “breaks” in the urls and no need to upload them all one at a time again.

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