Bloggers Unite for a Free Iran

Bloggers Unite for a Free Iran

On Monday June 29th, we ask Bloggers from around the globe to Unite for a Free Iran. Please click the badge, join this event, and use your blog to educate your readers and spread the word about how we can help support a Free Iran.

As each individual lays down their internal weapons of war hope enters and peace must eventually dawn. Freedom from war,  pain,  and fear is our birthright. Freedom to unlock the secrets of our higher self within, and unite with others to create harmonious relationships  is our entitlement.

Governments must stop slaying citizens who wish to play an active role in their governance.  If we are to become the change we want to see in this world, then freedom to peacefully protest government policies must come with that territory in Iran,  and in all the nations in our world.

The reach of the grass roots media allows us to express our support for Iranians in what is bound to be a long struggle for human rights and freedom. I allows us to strip the “otherness” away and acknowledge and advocate for their democracy. It also allows us to look deep within ourselves and acknowledge that government is the mirror that reflects the state of society. And as we view both the inner and outer landscape, let us  pray that the shift required to bring freedom and peace to Iran will come soon.

5 thoughts on “Bloggers Unite for a Free Iran

  1. Thanks tt. I just might do that!

  2. We should have an emergency email list for things like this. But that’s easier said than done. Hope you’re fine, timethief. Long time no see! :lol:

    1. We don’t need an emergency email list because we have all of this and more on the Bloggers Unite site. We can set up our own campaigns there as well. Please join us

  3. Thanks Timethief for your voice on Iran. We have to do something about this. In so many parts of the world are burning with such incidents. Not all of them are captured on camera. not all of them received the same attention. We bloggers have to dig this out.

  4. Thanks for posting this. Peace to all people in all countries and of all faiths

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