Creating an effective blog tagline

Tbranding toolsaglines are branding messages. Blog titles are often confusing about what the purpose is and what  readers can expect. Also,  when  bloggers do not have sub-domains and/or domain URLs that are consistent with the purpose, keywords  and the brand of the blog, a weak or confounding title can cause even more confusion.

One of the major mistakes bloggers make  is not taking the time to:

  • carefully consider the purpose for their blog;
  • express the purpose and the brand in key words and phrases that apply to their content;
  • include the same in their blog title but do NOT exceed a combined *total of 60 characters or fewer (including spaces) in the site title and tagline because that’s all search engines like Google will display in the SERPs (search engine page results).

* Google typically displays the first 50-60 characters of a site title tag, or as many characters as will fit into a 512-pixel display.

A tagline is a short and memorable branding message that can be expressed as a subtitle.  It can help define who the blog is for, and what’s in it for them if they stay and read the content. (See: How to Become a Better Blogger 4: Essentials)

Business blogs need taglines

Many business people are taking advantage of  social networks to establish internet relationships within niche networks and others,  to participate in blog centered communities, to assert their business presence online, and to reach more potential customers, business partners and employees. It all means there’s increasingly an assumption that in the future most businesses will have both a website and a  blog. (See: Business: Blog, Website or Both?)

Blogging tips for creating memorable taglines

(1)  It’s important to create an easy to remember tagline that  expresses  what you want your readers  to recall, by using words that linger in your readers’ minds about your blog,  and what you have to offer in it. When determining the words a tagline  will contain it will always be more effective when it comes to drawing targeted readers to your blog, if contains the keywords or key phrases that operate as a branding slogan for your blog.

(2)  As you most certainly want to have the best blog in your niche then why not include words that imply mastery, excellence, superiority – the best!

(3)  Including a blog title and tagline in the metadata that contain key words and key word phrases that reflect your brand means you have applied some basic SEO that  search spiders will crawl and index.  When potential readers type those key words and phrases into search engines, the results will be directing an organic (unpaid) for and targeted traffic flow to your blog.


(1)  Questions – Ask yourself the following questions and record the answers to them.

  • Who are your readers?
  • What do you provide your readers with?
  • What action(s) are you trying to evoke in your readers?
  • How does your blog differ from competing blogs?

(2)   What are the keywords and key phrases that you want your readers to instantly recall when your blog is mentioned?


(3)  Brainstorming

You can define your search for a tagline as a creative challenge for yourself or for you and your  readers.  After you have isolated keywords and key phrases,  brainstorming alone or  brainstorming with your readers can be effective when it comes to determining which combination of words  is  best to use to create an easy to remember tagline that  expresses  your blog’s brand.

(4) Polling

You can select from among the keywords and key phrases  and set up a poll or survey or simply create a post and ask your reader’s to help you create a powerful tagline. Perhaps by involving your readers in the process  you will uncover the most  compelling reasons that motivate readers to return to your blog.

Reference: Business Name & Tag Line Generator

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40 thoughts on “Creating an effective blog tagline

  1. I understand the purpose of a tagline, however, I wish to use mine differently, so it is longer. Up until this weekend I was able to have my tagline formatted the way I wished, on three separate lines, with the breaks where I had chosen to have them. However, now, the breaks have moved, and my lines are jumbled. How do I create a line break in the formatting of my tagline? I am using MistyLook for my theme, if that is helpful to you.

    1. P.S. (What I really want is a subtitle.)

      1. Please see my other answer to your first comment. If you think there’s something wrong with the theme then contact Staff for help.

    2. Your blog is not linked to your username and I can’t see the lengthy tagline you describe. A Tagline is a brief branding message. You can create a tagline of any length but themes are not coded by web designers who are assuming that it will be anything but brief. If you confine your Tagline to less than 65 characters that snippet has a higher chance of being included in the display in the Google SERPS (search engine page results), and being remembered by your readers, and those are the two reasons Taglines exist at all. If you choose to have a lenghty Tagline the chances of having it appear in the SERPS at all are diminished.

  2. Your blog is so resourceful TT, I learn so much from you.Thanks for being so thorough in your posts!

    1. @veehcirra
      Hello there,
      It’s good to hear from you and even better to hear your positive feedback on my blog. Thank you.

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for mentioning us in your post.

    I was looking for a way to contact you but couldn’t find one on your site.

    What’s the best way to get in touch?

    My email address is [removed by timethief]

    1. Hello there,
      You’re welcome. I removed my contact form and my email address. I answer questions almost every day on the support forums and I was inundated with requests for private blog evaluations, requests to place advertising on my site even though advertising is not allowed on free hosted blogs, requests to join affiliate programs even though posting affiliate links on free hosted blogs, etc. I am a person who blogs as a hobby. Blogging is my passion. I choose not to move my blogs to self-hosted installs and in fact have moved them off self-hosted installs and back to free hosting at If you wish you can use a comment box to contact me at any time but do know that I have an offline life and I priorize it above blogging so I may not answer you immediately.

  4. Thanks, timethief. I’ve been blogging for a while, but now that I’m trying to get serious about it for myself and other clients, this post has been very helpful.

    1. That sounded so vague. Specifically, using the tag line consciously. I looked at your tag line and at first, it seemed very functional and boring. Then I reexamined it in the light of your post and it looked VERY FUNCTIONAL and smart. So thanks. Best,

    2. Hello there,
      I’m glad you recognized the branding potential. The best case scenario is that the URL, and the blog title, and a brief effective tagline operate as branding tools. Wherever possible, your blog’s URL, blog title and tagline ought to contain keywords (primary subject matter, products and/or services) that define your intended brand. Read more here -> Blog Titles and Branding Tools

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Hi Timethief: Regarding this quote: “Including a blog title and tagline in the metadata that contain key words and key word phrases…”

    I understand the inportance of keywords etc, but am clueless as to where to actually add them… where is the metadata, exactly? I’m sorry if this is a supremely dumb question but I am very new to blogging and SEO and theres still lots of things I need to learn. I tag all my posts with the relevant tags, but it’s not quite the same thing, is it? Thanks for all the useful info!

    1. Not to worry — since Google has now told us they no longer use meta data and in the case of bloggers we cannot access and edit meta data files in our templates that’s not longer relevant. As we are all on a multiuser blogging platform this means all those blogs wearing the same theme are using the same templates. Only Staff can access the templates and files and edit them as every edit they make affects all blogs wearing the same theme. Simply focus on creating a relevant blog title, and then an effective tagline that contains keywords for branding and does not exceed 67 character including spaces. Google will pick that up as a snippet. See >

  6. It’s very detailed and practical. Thanks for your useful post.

  7. Very beautifully put an important step that Bloggers mostly pass..
    I liked the “Namaste” part too..

    And, I AM LEARNING..


  8. Got it! I admit I am a novice. Thanks :)

  9. Never really understood the awesome potential of assigning ‘tags’. Gotta be more creative now. Thanks. Dilip

    1. @Dilip
      I believe you have confused two very separate things. This post is about creating a tagline after your blog name. A tagline is a short and memorable branding message that can be expressed as a subtitle.

      Please read this FAQs and understand that all posts require tagging so search engines will index the tags (keywords and keyword phrases) and send readers to your blog who are looking for information about those key words and key word phrases (tags).

  10. Charles Rinehart July 21, 2009 — 10:45 pm

    Great blogs. Lots of good info. All the best.

  11. I am a new blogger and found you because I need a tagline. I can see lots of good info–I will bookmark your site. Thanks

  12. Hi there,

    Its really a nice post for the beginners like me…
    I had some post previously but was not consistent in posting…
    Now m back in action and I know i am nowhere..cud you pls suggest me a tagline for ma blog…Its about current affairs, creating awareness..etc

    Luv to c ur comment on that….thanx in advance

    1. @Abhisek
      I have provided everything you need in the post above to go about creating your own tagline for your blog. I am not a regular reader of your blog and I will not be suggesting a tagline for you because that’s your assignment. Cheers.

  13. Wah, simply great info indeed for such of the bloggers who are serious about successful blogging. Thanks.

    1. @Gopal
      It’s great to hear this post was useful to a faithful reader like yourself. Thanks so much for letting me know that it was.

  14. I have rotating taglines, but my friends favorite one seems to be the “Flinging Bras Since 1977” one.

    1. @Jannie Funster
      Rotating taglines sound good on the surface but I question if they are really the best choice from an SEO perspective. However, if they are working well for you then blog on!

  15. Good topic, good post. I am glad to see that our tagline fits well with the Keyword Density Analyzer.

    We researched taglines quite a bit and we observed that a lot of leading brands have taglines whose meaning would be obscure to the point of being meaningless but for the fact that the brand is well known.

    So for new sites, or any site whose brand and purpose is not already well known, clever taglines are good, but taglines that explain the site are better.

    Of course, taglines that explain the site and are also clever, are best of all.

    1. @David
      So for new sites, or any site whose brand and purpose is not already well known, clever taglines are good, but taglines that explain the site are better.

      Of course, taglines that explain the site and are also clever, are best of all.

      Well said! Thanks so much for being a faithful reader who always leaves me sage comments. I apologize for being so far behind in answering them all. In summer our business is very active, and I don’t have the time I’d like to have to answer comments promptly upon receipt.


  16. I just stumbled onto your blog today. It’s great! I just started a blog last week and after looking through some of your posts I feel as if I have a long way to go! But that’s alright. Thanks for sharing all your tips and you’ll for sure see me back.

    1. @Matt
      I’m so happy to hear you found my blog and liked what you found. Thanks for posting your comment and best wishes for happy blogging.

  17. Hi,

    The link for the Keyword Density Analyzer leads to a 404 error and the link to the Keyword Selector Tool leads to an advertising page.

    Thanks for letting me know I b0rked the first link. I have also replaced the second link as overture had come and gone and come and gone again. tt

  18. I love writing taglines! I had given about 40 taglines to a blogger friend when she was considering changing it!

    Presently I am using a quote as my tagline!

    1. @Vikas
      Ah ha … why am I not surprised that you have a hidden talent that I may one day call upon? Your friend has a good friend – you!
      Best wishes as always,

  19. Great topics. I appreciate your tips for bloggers like me. This helps a lot. Thanks!

    1. @wanderblogger
      I’m glad you found my post to be helpful.

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