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Blogging and Private label rights products

What are PLR products?

Private label rights articles (PLR) and also products (videos, podcasts and scripts) are an inexpensive way to add content to your website, without taking the time to create your own  unique content. They provide an way to create a new blog easily and quickly or to supplement the content in an existing blog.

Where can they be found?

Several PLR membership sites and some forums provide well written private label rights articles (videos and podcasts) for purchase for less than a dollar each. PLR articles are usually made available for purchase in packages or as part of a membership. PLR articles may edited/altered and used as you wish, without backlinking to a website. This makes them an attractive alternative to using free reprint articles.

Rewriting PLR articles

Some website owners use RSS feeds to add content automatically to their sites. Others create a brief introduction and conclusion leaving the text in the body of the article (video, podcast or script) unchanged. Most purchasers rewrite the articles as they have not necessarily been written with any particular keyword density in mind. Rewriting the PLR articles serves four purposes:

  • an opportunity  to inject  tone, personality and site specific branding;
  • an opportunity to optimize using site specific keywords and keyword density so search engines index them and make them available to readers via search;
  • an opportunity to create effective headlines;
  • an opportunity to create an article that will pass though  copyscape and  avoid Google’s duplicate content penalities.

PLR’s  can be used in conjunction with blogging several ways:

Fresh blog content

PLR articles are  time savers.  Whether you extract portions and use them as individual tips or use the entire article, you can use them on your blog as fresh content.

Newsletters and reports

If you have a list of either  email addresses or postal mailing addresses then PLR articles can be used as a source of excerpts and quotes to create newsletters and reports. By compiling several  PLR articles  on  the same topic, and rewriting them you can create a newsletter or report,  convert it into a PDF file and make it available to your readers and subscribers on your blog.

Ebooks and Ecourses

Ebooks are one of the more popular formats for private label rights content.   An average ebook is about 30 – 40 pages in length.  If you purchase a package of PLR articles based on a specific theme,  you can easily create  an ebook or an ecourse.  By compiling a larger number of PLRs on a specific topic and rewriting you can create either one or both,  convert them  into PDF file format and make them available to your readers and subscribers on your blog.  Alternatively,  you can purchase PLR ebooks,  divide the content up  and create shorter reports, newsletters and/or blog posts.

Podcasting and videos

PLR articles can be used to create new content for podcasts and videos. Or you can purchase PLR videos and/or podcasts,  divide the content up  and create shorter reports, newsletters and/or inclusions for your blog posts.

Making money

A blogger can make  money selling  reports, ebooks and ecourses  created from PLR articles and as these would be your own creations , you can also offer resell or master resell rights if you  choose to.

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9 thoughts on “Blogging and Private label rights products

  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t personally ran across video podcasts with plr rights or anything like that that is created for a niche. I’d like to find some though.

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  5. I never thought about PLR before in this way, just thought to develop or enhance some templates & themes for example and offer them for download to get traffic to my blog!

    but after reading your interesting post here, I am thinking about it now and I will check how and when I can do it

    Thanks to you and your great useful posts

  6. Thanks for increasing my awareness of the copscape software. Now I know who has copied my content from my own blogs.

    I have a question. I have copied some of my contents in some fora repeatedly. Though the original content was posted from one forum to another by me, does my own website get punished because of this broadcasting habbit?


    • @roentarre
      Do the forums have higher PageRank than your blog does? If so then you may find that your blog post will suffer from a lack of traffic. Why would anyone click into your blog to read what they can already read on a forum? Also if you post the entire post to a forum then content thieves will steal it. IMO the best approach when it comes to forums is to give a brief explanation of what your post is about as well as the title and the link to it. That way you avoid creating duplicate content problem as well.

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