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Subscribers/Readers Notice

Please forgive me for being behind in publishing new posts, answering comments and leaving comments this week. I have spent most of my blogging time this week arguing with blog scraping content thieves (who have stolen entire posts from both of my blogs),  and sending DMCA complaints to their web hosts to get my content removed from the splog sites. I have now set my RSS feeds to summary so I can get back to blogging. I apologize for the inconvenience but I can see no other alternative.

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12 thoughts on “Subscribers/Readers Notice

  1. I had the same problem. I just put together a stock DMCA complaint, looked up each splogger’s web host and (if it was in the U.S.) sent it out. They have to comply.
    Every single one took down my material.

    • @Jp
      I did get the posts taken down but it took five days of my valuable time and energy to do so. No more. I’d rather spend my time researching, writing, publishing, commenting, and answering comments that chasing down sploggers.

  2. timethief – after a reader convince me to publish my full rss feed a few months ago, my been having the exact problem. This one site sell my entire post and pictures, scrambles a few words and have it on their ad laden site. Now I never publish a post without adding at least 1 link to my homepage. Since they are stealing my entire content, at least this ensure that I at least a link back to my site.

    A point of my reader’s argument is that I would gain more subscribers if publish my entire feed. Though I have notice a handful of new subscribers, it does not justify seeing my content at splogging sites in my opinion.

    My faithful readers are still clicking to my site when I publish a post. The readers that just want me to serve the meal I cook, well, I am thinking maybe I really do not care about having pampering readers like that. I am going to give this experiment a little more time, but I am also thinking about switching my full rss feed back to an excerpt.

    • @smallstepstohealth
      Hello there. I’m with you. I have heard all the blah, blah, blah about losing subscribers if I don’t offer full feeds. Well, if you stop and think about it offering full feeds does not provide any incentive to click into the site and comment.

  3. I also used to worry much about Copyright and other woes but after I read Leo Babuta’s (Zen Habits) Uncopyright notice, I do not worry much! His arguments are convincing! While I do not advocate full Copyright give up, releasing under Creative Commons is a good option! I am also thinking about getting a CC -attribution, no derivatives license for my blog.

    I am a bit pessimistic about scrapers. Whatever we do, they will come back, copy content. If not 1 blog then second. Such blogs are not indexed well in Google and I am sure that most of them do not even have Page Rank. Google indexes higher ranked sites quickly and this way, they have very few chances of getting penalized.

    Switching RSS feeds to summaries is not a good step in my opinion! This only stops feed scrapers. We can’t do much about Copy-Pasters! Also, partial feeds may lower down subscriber number(I have just heared about it, never gave partial feeds and hence, do not know!)

    • @MrI
      Hi there. I blogged the Leo’s Zen Habits solution in Content theft: The Come and Get it Solution. I used to have a CC- non derivative license on this blog when I first began. It was likewise ignored by content thieves. I have no intention of wasting my time chasing them. From here on out my feeds are set to summary and that’s that.

      Will this ‘cost” me subscribers? Probably but how many subscribers are actually clicking into this non-monetized blog and leaving comments? Not many so I’m firm on this. I have heard all the blah, blah, blah for 3 years running. Enough is enough!

  4. I have had had my feed on summary for a while as it was becoming a daily task dealing with content scrapers.

    Just one of those things unfortunately, I have never known a duplicate content site do well, the people who run them are those not internet marketing savvy and are just looking for a quick way to make a buck. They search looking for ways to make money and someone sells them a suspect ebook encouraging them to build worthless microsites for adsense, do they not realise the domain that has had the content the longest always get’s left in Googles main index??

    • @Tim
      Well, this it it for me. Never again will I set my blog to display full feeds. The five whole posts that were stolen from this blog were only removed today. I went after them on Monday – 5 wasted days!

      I have spent an entire week trying to run my business, coping with many doctor’s visits due to head injury check-ups scans, and tests, keeping my household running, nursing my very sick dog who had a stroke after getting a molar extracted, and chasing down content thieves.

      Consequently, I am far behind when it comes to answering comments, leaving comments on other blogs and creating new posts. Ironically, the splog site that stole posts from this site is titled HealthMatters! I won’t be posting the url for obvious reasons but I have fed all the personal information to both Akismet and to Defensio.

      I still have not achieved success with having the content stolen – whole posts and images I purchased from my other blog – my best posts, removed from the splog that scraped them up. And I have to work this weekend so I will not be in a position to answer all the comments that have been piling up on both blogs. Arrrggghh!

      P.S. Please read my responding comment to Rebecca above.

  5. I don’t know what I would do if I discovered someone was taking my entire entries and posting them on their site. I know I would be hot with anger, thats for sure. I’ve run across many ‘bloggers’ but perhaps they are just parasites, that post up other peoples content, entry after entry and call that a personal blog. Honestly, I only visit those sites once and usually it’s accidently. I hope you’ve been able to stop their theif like antics and once you’ve made your way through, maybe you can share an entry with all of us so we’ll know how to do it if we are faced with the same problem.

    • @Rebecca
      I edited my otiginal post and included links to posts I have previously published on copyright and how to deal with content thieves. May I be so bold as to suggest that you bookmark them? The reason I am suggesting this is because content theft is rampant. Also other bloggers made me aware of isolated instances where the stolen posts on splogsites actually achieved better standing in Google search results than the legitimate blog sites the original content was stolen from did.

  6. @Omar
    Thanks for commiserating. Although the image is crying I’m not. I’m angry. I hear one more splogger tell me it’s a good thing they are doing giving me a backlink after stealing a whole post plus the images (in some cases images I purchased) and I’ll go off the deep end. I’m totally disgusted that we have this riff raff in the blogsphere at all. They cannot write. They cannot comment. They are parasites pimping out stables of free hosted prostitute splogs for Adsense income.

  7. Sorry to hear about the blog scrapers. I know you work a lot on your posts, and those people should get a life or at least attempt to use more of their keyboard than Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V.

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