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Crayons, Colors and Blog Design

by Guest Author roentarre



While looking at this blog post about Crayon colors, I started thinking about color and blog design. Would making the dominant color on my blog “Macaroni and Cheese” colored have an effect on how people read the site and how seriously they took the words I wrote?

The bigger question, I guess, is whether or not color can affect readers in a negative way as well as a positive way. If this is true, and I think it is, choosing colors for the design of your blog becomes even more important. For example, if your writing is cheerful and perky, you obviously don’t want a dark blue or brooding colors to offset the tone of your words. (Yellows and Oranges might be better suited here.) On the other hand, if your writing is dark (or just even serious), you don’t want splashes of bright yellows and deep reds to take away from the mood of your writing. Here, darker, solid colors might be of better use.

As you can see, simply changing the color of your blog design can have a big impact on how people interpret the words you write. The color of your blog design can also have a big effect on any photos that you display on the site. While you can’t make sure that your design palette includes colors for every picture you’ll ever post, you can make sure that you display the photos in such a way that they aren’t too affected by the dominant colors of your design.

If you’re wondering if the colors you have on your blog currently go well with the type of blog you’re trying to create, here’s a quick way to see how well they match up. Using the Crayon Color Chart linked above, write out the names of some of the dominant colors in your design. When you read them all together, do they kinda fit the theme or style of your blog? If not, you might want to rethink your color scheme!

Now, going by Crayon names isn’t a very scientific method of choosing colors for your blog, but it can be a fun way to see what the word representations of the colors of your blog might be. Doing this, you might also get some great ideas for a new color scheme for your blog.

Sometimes, inspiration comes from places we least expect it, especially when you’re talking about color and color design for blogs. Next time you’re out in the world, take the time to note all the colors you see and how they make you feel. You might be surprised at how many ideas you get to freshen up the color design of your blog or website. There are a lot of colors and combinations that can evoke different moods. Making sure you match the colors on your blog with the words on your blog is really important.

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7 thoughts on “Crayons, Colors and Blog Design

  1. Some other things to consider:
    Readability – It may be cool to have a black blog with white or read text, but boy its really hard to read unless the font is larger than the standard 8pt.

    Branding – If your blog is an add-on to a business website then you will want to use the same colors found on your website and/or in your logo and marketing materials.

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