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Appreciating your readers



Keeping readers interested  by writing fresh content and starting conversations by writing compelling blog posts that invite readers to comment is key to developing  a blog centered community. When your readers do comment  responding  promptly and in a welcoming manner so they  feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and opinions is equally important.  But these are not the only ways of expressing reader appreciation.

Comments are a gold mine for blogging ideas

You blog’s comment section is an idea mine. Most of the comments have hidden ideas in them. All you need is to read them with some attention and new ideas will always pop up.

Once a week, take some time and look through comments area. You will find a lot of blogging ideas. — Mr I in 10 Magnetic Techniques to Attract Ideas

Those who have set the goals of becoming a better blogger and building a better blog quickly learn that encouraging readers to comment is the primary way to let them know you appreciate their feedback.

A further exchange of reader appreciation ideas found  in onecoolsite: tips from a reader also adds some insight into strategies for building a better blog, and SEO basics for on page optimization provides the how to instructions.

Acts of appreciation

Showing your readers that you value them can be done in many ways.  Below  are a twelve that I have thought of.

(1)  Write well and publish regularly. Keeping your blog updated with fresh and informative content will maintain reader interest.

(2)  Reply to every comment.

(3)  Link to your reader’s related blogs and keep your blogroll updated.

(4)  Be aware of your subscribers and subscribe to the feeds on their blogs.

(5)  Comment, comment, comment and comment.

(6)  Backlink to posts published by faithful readers wherever possible.

(7)  Use a Recent Comments widget to showcase those readers who leave the most recent comments.

(8)  Use a Frequent Commenters widget to showcase those who leave the most comments.

(9)  Install a plugin like commentluv that rewards those who leave comment by displaying the url for their most recent post.

(10)  Promote and support the promotions of the blogs of your faithful readers at every opportunity that you can and everywhere that you can.

(11)  Try to remain aware of what’s happening in your reader’s lives and keep on touch via twitter or email to let them know you care about them.

(12)  Send Happy Birthday and Happy Holiday wishes by twitter, shoutbox or email to your faithful readers.

Discussion question:

Would you care to share some additional ideas for letting your readers know that you appreciate their support?

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13 thoughts on “Appreciating your readers

  1. You have clearly explained how to appreciate the readers, many of which are new to me and are very practical too. Thank you for sharing.

    I try to interact with every reader and reply to each comment. Usually I receive a lot of comments on my blog. I also try to subscribe to my readers’ blogs, if they are interesting and also comment on them.

  2. By the way, it is really nice to see your blog attracts many people although it is hosted free. I hear many advance bloggers advicing to have your own domain. But, you prove that you don’t have to. As long as you provide something helpful and good content, you can achieve everything with free blogs.

    Let me ask you, may be you have been asked this many times, Don’t you want to buy your own domain and host your blog there? Don’t get me wrong. You don’t really need to as it seems like you have good number of loyal readers, including me :) I am just curious.

    • @InternetHow
      Yes, that is a good idea. Another approach is to ask a question aimed at creating discussion at the end of any or all of your posts.

    • p@r@noid
      When work becomes very busy I sometimes fall behind when it comes to responding to every comment, but as a rule I usually make the time to do so.

  3. Hello timethief,
    your blog was recommended to forum readers by TSP (the sacred path). Do you mind if I asked you how you put the menu on top like that (home, about, all posts, etc)? I’d like to do the same thing but i’m using a theme that doesn’t allow top navigation tabs. i think yours looks very crisp and clean.
    Did you use CSS to do the menu?
    Pray tell!

    • @sotsil
      This theme is a version of the Vigilance theme (see link at the bottom left of this page) that was adapted to run on and no I do not have a CSS upgrade on this blog.

      As far as I know all wordpress software provides the ability to make Pages for static content that rarely, if ever, changes. For more information click this link A Post and a Page

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