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Blog Reader Appreciation Day

love letter

love letter

Bloggers depend on loyal readers but rarely thank them. Blog Reader Appreciation Day gives bloggers a chance to pour on the love! — Robin Reagler

Once I learned how to write I couldn’t stop and have been doing so since I was 4 years old. I have written in notebooks and in long hand on legal pads and on napkins … well, you get the idea. I feel a compulsion to write. However, I don’t feel compelled to share everything I write. I was content with having an online personal diary for a few years while I read blogs, and then one day a blogger asked for technical help and even though I was a wordpress newbie myself I knew how to provide it.

From there I went on to create my first blogging tips blog which became the forerunner of onecoolsite, and which even though archived in 2007 still gets about 100 hits every day and retains a Page Rank of 3.

I continue to blog because the positive feedback my readers give me motivates me to blog on.

Readers:  I love you.

Please keep coming back because I’m blogging  for you.

11 thoughts on “Blog Reader Appreciation Day

  1. I also appriciate your blog as well. I keep checking your blog regularly for WP tips as I use WP for my blog. At the moment I am not happy with the theme of my blog. But I will carryon using it until I can find a good one. Anyway, keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for the great way you’ve helped so many bloggers on many levels. It’s us who should (and do) appreciate you! Your writing is a gift, as is your caring.
    Keep blogging for I shall keep coming back…

    • @SBA
      Thank you everything you do too. I appreciate your friendship and I’m happy that we like each others’ sites and can work cooperatively together.

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