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Changing Your Blog? Start With the Colors



Changing Your Blog? Start With the Colors by Guest Author roentarre

If you want to change up your blog design, but you don’t have a lot of time or resources to dedicate to it, there are some simple things you can do that can have a big impact on your blog and how readers respond to it. By simply changing the color scheme, you can dramatically change the feel and flavor of your blog. A simple color change can really add to your blogging efforts – if you know what you’re doing.

Colors for Blogging Styles

rainbow-clouds-th Red –  Red is a fierce, powerful color. Adding a lot of red to your blog design can really make your content seem a little more fiery and fierce. There’s also a sense of urgency that comes along with the color red, which might be useful in your blog design.

rainbow-clouds-th Orange – There’s a lot of discussion as to why, but orange is really a good color for getting people to purchase items online. If your blog deals with business or selling at all, an orange design for your blog might be a good choice. As with some other colors (yellow), you want to make sure you don’t overuse the power of orange. If you use too much orange in your blog design, you may overpower the reader and drive them away.

rainbow-clouds-th Yellow – If you use a lot of yellow in your blog design, you can get a great, warm feeling without going too overboard. Yellow is also a great way to grab someone’s attention, as long as you use it sparingly. Using yellow with a dark color like black can really make elements of your blog design “pop” and draw the reader’s attention. You want to make sure you don’t go too far, though, as too much yellow isn’t a good thing most of the time.

rainbow-clouds-th Black – Blog designs that incorporate a lot of black are usually dark in mood. This isn’t always the case, though, depending on how much black is used in the blog design. If it’s just used to highlight and draw out things here and there, it doesn’t seem as dark. Once you start going predominantly black with your design, you start to get that ‘dark’ feel on your blog. Another thing to note is that white text on a black background is notoriously hard to read. While you may be going for a mood when using black, you want to take readability into consideration.

rainbow-clouds-th White – You would think white is a boring ‘color,’ but the more whitespace you use in your design, the cleaner it’s going to look. Sometimes adding a lot of whitespace to your blog design can really have a big impact on the readability. This goes a long way in making people more interested in sticking around and actually reading the content you post.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways something as simple as changing the colors on your blog can affect your readers and visitors. If you don’t have time for a full redesign, spicing up the color palette on your blog can be a great way to change up your blog without a lot of work.

Color tools

This is the part 1  of a series.

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43 thoughts on “Changing Your Blog? Start With the Colors

  1. I have just recently changed my colors, nothing dramatic, but what a difference it has made.
    You are so right, it does make a big impact and I have had some very nice comments about it.
    I like to think it has a more aussie flavor now. :)

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  3. hi .. am in a delima of selecting my blog background colour.. A tug of war between white or black.. What do you feel better.. white or black is good for my blog?.. am using black as the background now..


    • Please read the comments above. Black background blogs with low contrast fonts are very hard to read. The colors green and red cannot be seen by color blind people.

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  5. Hello

    I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to share advice on what colours would be best used on my blog

    Have a look and let me know please :D

  6. I have been using gray. I have switched colors so many times but I think I like this. On “off topics” in wordpress support somebody rated my blog as 5 out of 10. Not sure if they meant content (which I wouldn’t care) or color/design or all of the above.

    Thanks for you info and tips and keep of the good work.

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  9. Dear timethief,

    I have been reading your blog since long time ago. It became of my daily rituals to visit your amazing, informative, well written blog. I learnt so much from your posts…All of them are very useful and each post has updated ideas,news, and resources. Thank you so much for all the efforts you are doing and the time you spend to share with us your knowledge.

    After readings the current posts about changing the appearance of one’s blog and choosing colors carefully by understanding each color impact on the readers, I have changed my blog design (theme) and colors which I am so far thinking that my blog now looks fine. You are welcome to pass by my blog and let me know if I was a good reader of your posts or not, in other words, I would kindly love to hear your comments…

    The colors you are using in this theme are wonderful. I like the green back ground so much as it relaxes my eyes while reading.

    Wish you always a joyful, a peaceful and an awesome time :)

  10. Red in black is very usefull for blogs that dont need a lot of talking and reading.
    I have template exactly red black but text post are in white and they are just links. It’s the best if you want visitors to concentrate on the links or what ever very brief and special.
    It’s like it was posted here.

    • @spamwarrior
      I agree with you. I find the Black Letterhead theme to be one of the least easy themes to read. I’m visually challenged and it’s so frustrating struggling to read the text that I usually just subscribe to the feed through my blog surfer so I can read the text in black font on a white background.

    • Red on black is a taboo. As I have mentioned previously, red colour is a colour to fatique visually. The use of red or orange as text colour is a suicidal approach to blog’s demise.

      I had seen 3 photo forums suffering low volume traffic and lack of readers/posters, ending in premature demise.

  11. Thank you! Great post,very informative for bloggers.I always accentuate on the color of my template because i’am, except of blogger,visitor of a lot of blogs/day, and the design bothers me a lot. If someone doesn’t know what color to use, just use white! It’s somehow neutral.There are people mixing very different color, that don’t feet toghether, just think about it like you are wearing your clothes, because the first that a visitor thinks when he steps on your blog, is not who you are, but what you are… and if he likes it then he tries to know who you are. and hence nothing on your blog show what you are at first glance except of your template and all the design you choose.Nobody will read your genius articles if it’s written on yellow templates with rose-violet sidebar and waltdisney fonts.In the beginning just choose white and little by little you will understand what design fits you, and never choose colors because you like them , your visitors must!

    • The choice of colour design is like a facade of your house. Guests can feel either warm or disgusted depending on the choice of paint, structure or interior designs.

      A psychiatric institute loves to use pink for its sedating and feminine quality so psychotic patients are not worsened in their aggressive or restless mental state.

      A proper office would adopt white wall with cold feel to facilitate the serious nature of the place.

      A Mcdonald playhouse would use combination of primary colour to denote the playfulness to the kids, evoking that sense of lividness and energy

  12. I selected a black background for my site and chose the color “thistle” for the tect because it seemed to really pop on screen. I chose black because, to me, it suggested a serious quality and then I used a sprinkling of color pop to give it a sense of excitement…..still working on it and scheduled to launh on April 15th….check it out.
    Great article!!

    • I have checked out your colour coding. It is a nice one with a touch of class and elegance to the image. Almost a sleek noble feel to it.

      Though no text so far, I think it is a good start

  13. I can only tolerate a fully white background on an LCD screen. Otherwise, I have to lower the brightness/contrast to maintain my already-poor sight. I generally favor dark background colors, be it a photo gallery or just text, text and more text. Of course, in the case of text, one must be careful with the lack of contrast between it and the background. I’ve seen blogs with so little text-background contrast that I have to highlight things in order to read them.

    • Hey, Omar. So glad to spot you here!

      It is true that a few photo forums use black background with white texts like Steve Digicam photography forum (page rank 5-6) detering me away from using it.

      Pentaxforums uses white background with black texts with bar colour of light olive or light cyan blue that has ingratiates a lot of old school photographers.

      DPReview uses black background with white texts which does irritate a lot of users (page rank 7). However, it has changed its own forum writing/text plateform to white background with black texts while the site is predominantly using black colour (to pop photographs or product newses)

  14. Yes I agree thank you for this information, I never really thought of colors like this. I knew of a rule that light background and dark font is always good. Other than that I never really paid attention to the color. As long as it looked good too me :)

    • A bright background is always distracting but too dim as a colour can be potentially sedating too. However, the monitor calibration is not standard across all the computers people use for internet browsing.

      Safe colour to use as a background colour can be blackbackground for photo posting, white background for general texts aiming at information giving and grey/light brown/pink for the poetic/artistic style of blogs.

    • @realonlinemoney
      I think that most bloggers make the same mistake. They choose colors the personally prefer without considering their impact on readers. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that who are are blogging for.

    • The use of orange colour is quite tricky. Have a good look at my reply to code sucker above, the use of orange colour needs to be wise and clever in the blog.

      A good sucecssful blog is contributed by multiple factors where colour in the blog design plays a role but not central to the overall success. This is like a job interview with a good dress code to leave an appropriate interview impression for the assessor. However, a good dress code is not going to be the sole determinant for the success of the whole interview

    • There will be another 3 articles to come. However, my genre is in the field of photography instead of graphic design. I do love colour as an important component in my style of photography. So I will finish the writing for the next 3 sequels first. Stay tuned :)

  15. Great post! I am thinking of changing the colors of my blog template. This is some help information. Happy Easter!

    • Your blog design has a clever use of orange. It is used as a tool to direct viewer to your content.

      However, I think the orange colour could be used a little more surrounding your major posts to stand out a bit more.

    • @ericjogja
      Hello there. I clicked into your blog and found the color scheme to be very pleasing. Youe blog has a nice clean look. Thanks for commenting.

  16. Thanks for all the info, I’ve noticed white on black not only is hard to read – but gives me a headache. A friend has a predominantly black bg’d blog, he keeps the foreground color a light green, it looks really good.

    “There’s a lot of discussion as to why, but orange is really a good color for getting people to purchase items online” – Godaddy firmly belives this, on their add-on sales pitch they always use big orange text – and offset it with a light gray. Orange makes me hungry.

    I think it’s time to give my blog a change of design, I’ll be using your color tips from these posts.

    • Codesucker, your reply is truely appreciated.

      The truth is about the colour “orange” has been thoroughly research in a number of psychology journals. This colour “orange” is also considered as a code of “warmth”. Similar to “Red”, this colour effectively warms up viewer’s mood. “Orange” can shorten the effective viewing distance between the monitor and the eyes of viewers. So the viewing experience would be rather intimate and warm.

      However, be careful with Colour Orange (like colour “Red”). Colour Orange can potentially cause visual fatique. It can potentially deter viewers away from reading blogs. So posts like novel chapters or prose writing would potentially suffer from this colour code.

    • Thanks for your reply with regarding the post making a difference to your thinking in blog design.

      Unfortunately I could not access to your blog that is not loading on my browser.

      Black colour in photography terms represents a technical term – “negative space”. A style to isolate image to emphasise the importance of the subject. Many studio photography likes to use negative space to bring out the surreal look of the models.

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