Get paid for your Facebook fetish

Yesterday,  Simon Axten announced the 30-day comment period for submitting feedback on Facebook’s proposed governance documents has ended,  revised versions of the documents based on the feedback  will be posted on April 16,  and votes can be cast from  April 16 and end on April 23. It will be done through an application developed on Facebook Platform by Wildfire, and the vote tabulation will be audited by Ernst & Young to ensure that the results are accurate. Next Steps on Facebook Governance

Today Ben Parr of Mashable has published a post that may be of interest to those who spend all day long updating their Facebook accounts.

Facebook Credits seem to Facebook’s baby steps into the world of virtual currency. Right now, users can only give credits to friends for sharing great posts or having a status people like. However, it isn’t a far stretch for credits to be the medium in which people pay for things on Facebook applications or even pay for things on other websites via Facebook Connect. Imagine connecting to Amazon and buying a new mouse with a couple thousand credits. Read  his post  Facebook Credits: Would You Give Cash for a Facebook Status Update?

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3 thoughts on “Get paid for your Facebook fetish

  1. Very interesting, but if there’s one thing we know about Facebook, it’s that every decision is subject to revision at a moment’s notice.

  2. Good information. If we can indeed make money from there. Go FB:D

    1. @marketinguide
      Thanks for the comment.

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