Blogging and Twitter: 50 Tips

twitter bird
twitter bird

Easton Ellsworth helps entrepreneurs and companies use blogs and social media more effectively. is the only blog consulting website that teaches the Visionary Blogging method, which emphasizes the need for companies and organizations to have a clear, intelligent strategy in order to achieve online success.

In VisionaryBlogging Easton presents 50 simple blogging tips  to mix  your blog and your Twitter account to achieve 10 purposes:

  • Use Your Twitter Account to Increase Your Blog Traffic
  • Use Your Blog to Increase Your Twitter Traffic
  • Use Your Twitter Account to Improve Your Blog Content
  • Use Your Blog to Improve Your Twitter Content
  • Use Your Twitter Account to Improve Your Blog Community
  • Use Your Blog to Improve Your Twitter Community
  • Use Your Twitter Account to Improve Your Blog Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Use Your Blog to Improve Your Twitter SEO
  • Use Your Twitter Account to Improve Your Blog Value/Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Use Your Blog to Improve Your Twitter Value/ROI

Benefit from these 50 blogging tips by reading the whole tutorial and applying them to become a better blogger and to build a better blog –>  50 Ways to Mix Your Blog and Twitter

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11 thoughts on “Blogging and Twitter: 50 Tips

  1. Thanks again for great info.

  2. Unspoken Wordz April 5, 2009 — 7:46 am

    Great tips, Thanks for the post and all of the information in regards to blogging.

    1. @unspokenwordz
      I see that you copied and pasted my copyright and disclaimer onto your own blog without any attribution links. This is NOT acceptable. I provided attribution links and I am expecting that you will edit and do the same.

  3. Thanks. I am enjoying all of my followers and those I am following on Twitter. I will read the info with hopes to create a clearer plan. i truly think almost everyone has something I can learn on Twitter. You can follow me @envirobooty .

  4. Very helpful tips thanks for sharing TT, :)

    I also bookmarked this article on Diigo And tweeted about it on twitter,
    to help spread the word!!!

  5. I hope there’s a list of do’s and don’ts.

    Top of mine would be: Never post a list of tweets on your blog.

  6. Twitter can really be powerful for corporate blogging, among other things. I often find some corporate blog/spammer/somebody following me on twitter (though I have clearly mentioned there that my twitter profile is dormant). I at least look at the person’s blog when I am being followed. Being followed also gives some sense of pride however shallow it may be! ;)

    1. @Vikas
      I just read another interesting article I’d like to share.
      Twitter Downshifting
      Excerpt: If you get rid of the numbers game you’ll find that Twitter can be very rewarding. If you know that you’re audience (of 30 people, or 300 people, 3000 people) is an authentic audience, you’ll find much easier to interact and create value.

  7. That’s a very good resource. I haven’t used twitter a lot, mostly because I haven’t figured out how to fully utilize it. I also like hanging out at Blog Catalog a lot so I have to manage my time. But this is a resource that I can use to improve my twittering. Thanks!

    1. @Jeanine
      Thank you for commenting. I believe that Easton lays out a workable strategy that’s worth employing. My problem is a lack of time and unless one is extremely disciplined chatting on twitter is very time consumptive.

      1. Hi,

        I wanna join ur blog for SEO tips. Please guide me.

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