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Say NO to Black Hat SEO

black hat

black hat

The term black hat originates from old cowboy movies where the good guys would wear white hats and the bad guys would wear black.

Black hat techniques are unethical search engine optimization strategies. Most of the time these unethical practices are used to boost the rankings of a particular site and sometimes used to drop the rankings of a competing site.

Unfortunately many new bloggers get sucked into using these techniques by tailgating “friends” only to later find that they wish they hadn’t followed those leaders.  However,  codesucker has written a solid post on his blog Modern Web Development exposing these practices that I would like to recommend to my readers. Read –>  What is Black Hat SEO?

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21 thoughts on “Say NO to Black Hat SEO

  1. Yes, I am agree with you. I also read about black hat, gray hat and white hat seo strategy. So I am also telling you that never do black hat seo otherwise it is possible that search engine penalize your website.

  2. Blackhatters really suck. They rewrite or just copy your infor for sake of being lazy. I guess we will never be able to do away with all of them.

  3. The sad thing is of course that new bloggers get frustrated and want to earn money quickly as well as generate traffic at the same rate. So they look for shortcuts and unfortunately Black Hat is one of them. However, as with all quick and fast techniques, they burn out quickly and end up starting from the beginning doing it the way it should be done anyway.

  4. Whoo hoo I am just trying to wrangle myself some good SEO tips. I wouldn’t even think of going black hat. God only knows what mistakes I make inadvertantly. I do take content from other sites but always make sure it is clear who wrote the post and I give direct links to their info. There is just too much good out there and I would hate to just change it a little bit and use it…that’s stealing. I have a lot to learn. Thanks!

    • @Shane
      The reason I am drawing attention to codesucker’s expose post on black hat SEO techniques is because bloggers can inadvertently be seduced into using them by following the leader and doing what their blogging friends do. I believe it’s equally important for bloggers to know what not to do as it is for them to know what to do.

  5. ‘Black hat/White hat’! I like the names! And I read the term originated from old Cowboy movies!

    I read your comment there: “even long time bloggers can get sucked into using “free” templates that have embedded hidden links in them and that’s why this is a great article.” My, My! Templates with embedded hidden links! So, we are not so unfortunate that we can’t have external themes on free WP blogs.

    P.S.: These days my personal diary (blog) has almost every diary entry stolen that I categorize in health! Within 20 minutes of publication, I receive a pingback from This spamlog (on WP) would publish a brief extract and leave a link to my site with the attribution! :(

    • @Vikas
      I’m sick of the sploggers too. This week I had 3 posts stolen in 3 days. I scorched the hide off the culprits who were apparently unable to read my copyright requirements. I left the culprits detailed comments and got the DMCA complaints ready to send to their blog hosts. Then they complied with my demands and deleted my posts and saved me some hassle and time.

      • That is the ideal thing to do of course.

        I am not very bothered on this count presently because it is just a personal diary (and included info like how I love oats to my to-do list).

        By the way the splog link I wrote in the comment should not have .com in it.

      • Sploggers! I don’t know why they invest in such techniques? They set up websites, put loads of ads, copy content, ultimately get caught and end up wasting money. I have a had a couple of articles stolen last month. I e-mailed hosts about this and now, they are down!

        • @Mr. I
          I have had 3 posts stolen within 3 days at the beginning of this week. They have all been removed now. I’m beginning to think of RSS feeds as being a curse as these parasites use them within moments of publication to steal content.

  6. I had read about Black Hat in my tech mag even before I started blogging and decided to stay clear of it. Black Hat methods pay for short time and then, you are penalized. White Hat SEO is best for long term.

    I have always used White Hat SEO and will stay in this camp!

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