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These days many of us have blogs and when we travel posting to them can be problematic. For example,  in some countries  many domain names and blog servers are blocked, so  the best way to post can be by email.

  1. If you have downloaded free software for your own domain from then you can configure the software to allow you to post by email to your blog.
  2. If you blog on a free hosted blog on a blogspot (Blogger) subdomain posting by email is available.
  3. If you blog on a free hosted blog on a subdomain this feature is not yet available, therefore, a third party service provider is required.

Posterous is a free service with plans to add premium features in the future. Posterous works wherever you have email and lets you post things online fast using email. You email them  and they  reply instantly with your new posterous blog.

Who can use it and how does it work?

Posterous is available to those who are aged 13  years and older for non commercial use only, with the exception of being used to Autopost to blogs on

Posterous will post online what you send by email  in the most web-friendly format,  and then reply with a public URL that can be forwarded or shared with friends. Account creation is not required, but if a user does create an account, posts from  various e-mail addresses (work, home, and mobile phone) can all be integrated into one blog.

What can you send to posterous?

You can attach any type of file and we’ll post it along with the text of your email.  We’ll do smarter things for photos, MP3’s, documents and video (both links AND files)

If you attach one photo (of any size, even direct from your camera!), we’ll resize it to a web-friendly size and post it. If you attach more than one photo in the same message, we automatically create a good looking image gallery

What else can Posterous do?

We’re working hard to churn out new “wow” features that take rich content blogging to the next level. Here are a few we’ve done recently:

Now supporting…
twitter Twitter
flickr Flickr
tumblr Tumblr
blogger Blogger
wordpress WordPress
typepad Typepad
movable type Movable Type
livejournal Livejournal
xanga Xanga

Autopost to everywhere
Just set up your other accounts here. The next time you post to posterous, we will instantly autopost everywhere else.

Twitter messages will use the title of your post up to 130 characters, and then append a shortened url.
Flickr photos will be put automatically in your photostream. If you attach multiple photos, we’ll post them all in the order we receive them.

Blogs will be updated with the full content you send us. We’ll host your images, music and files, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Discussion questions:

  1. When you travel how what method do you use to post to your blog?
  2. Have you tried using Posterous?
  3. Are you aware of any other free post by email to blog service providers?

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  1. hallo,

    ich hoffe hier im Forum kann mir jemand helfen!
    Ich habe versehentlich viele MPEGs von meiner mobilen Festplatte gelöscht. Leider sind die Daten nicht mehr im meinem Papierkorb.
    Die Dateien waren sehr wichtig für mich! Ich würde die gerne wiederherstellen.
    Wer kennt ne Seite auf der ich Infos dazu finde, wie ich die Daten retten kann??

    Vielen Dank schonmal für eure Antworten


    1. Translation from German:
      hello, I hope here in the forum can me someone help! I deleted inadvertently many MPEGs of my mobile non removable disk. Unfortunately the data are not any more in the my waste-paper basket. The files were very important for me! I would re-establish those gladly. Who knows ne side on which I information to it finds, how I can save the data?? Thank you already times for your answers thanks
      Ich bin traurig, aber ich kann nicht Ihnen helfen.
      I am sorry but I do not know how to help you. :(

  2. Excellent site and I am really pleased to see this post.
    I am crrently working in the south of france looking at property for sale, having fun in the sun and bookmarking everything that I find interesting on the net (including of course !)
    It has taken me literally 2 hours and 51 minutes of searching the web to find you (just kidding!) so I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor from now on :)


  3. Thank you for good Article

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