Blog Catalog Basics

(1) Introduction to Blog Catalog

BC is a premium blog directory and diverse community comprised of 200,000 blogging members from all over the world, who are focused on making new friends, and promoting their own blogs with the aim of increasing traffic to them.

(2) Community guidelines for forum posting

There are guidelines for posting to both of the BC forums (General Discussion & Political) that prevent us from dropping our blog links into every comment we make. Those rules also prevent us from creating link only, link drop, or link exchange threads on the forum and they will be reported and deleted if we break the rules.

(3) What is  BC Blog Rank?

BC Blog Rank – a special formula that analyzes your hits, views, comments, neighborhood members and other special secret ingredients to create a numeric score based on a 100 point scale. Your Blog Rank is primarily used to determine the order blogs appear in our Directory and Search Results. The higher your score the better your placement.

(4) Excellent networking features

Excellent search facilities and other features on our BC Profile pages and dashboards that aid effective networking. At the top of each BC pages you will find useful links to search facilities and groups that can be used to locate bloggers who are like minded and/or who share common interest with us. Members may also form their own groups too.

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5 thoughts on “Blog Catalog Basics

  1. about BC blog rank, i don’t to concern about it, i’m still a noobz and need a lot to read other people articles and get to know everything to improve my blogging experience, and one place to get that is BC and that’s the reason i’m joined it :)

  2. @jflower36
    I’m glad to hear my spam advice proved to be successful for you.

  3. @ian in hamburg
    IMO the general discussion forum is being watered down by a minority of overly self-centered free spirits, who will do everything they can within the guidelines to achieve status as frequent discussion posters, to acquire more views of the BC profile pages and more friends, as well as, to increase hits on their blogs. It’s obvious that some members “camp out in the forum” and post numerous discussion threads that they babysit all day long every day of the week. Check out the BC front page and take note that these topics displayed have not changed for days

    Forum posting guidelines exist to benefit the community and all members have the choice of adding their cogent argument to any discussion thread or not as they so choose. Every comment that is added to a thread assists in increasing the possibility that it will be displayed on BC’s front page. Therefore entering a thread that is in your opinion either nonsensical, inappropriate or worse and posting to it makes no sense at all.

    IMO some recent examples of forum threads that members may wish to consider avoiding posting to are these simply because they are opportunities to express “popularity” and/or to express the opposite ie. express “hatred” threads.
    The Official I Like You, You Rock BC Discussion
    The unofficial I don’t like “I like you” threads
    The Official BC Royalty Awards
    Official BC Royalty Mutiny – Let the games begin
    The Official BC Attention Seekers & Temper Tandrums Discussion Awards

    IMO Admin has done the correct thing by deleting threads that have been posted simply to cause controversy, create bad feelings and to increase blog hits based on negativity. The have also done the correct thing by allowing the frivolous threads on silly subjects to remain on the board. If adults in a social networking community wish to dedicate time to playing kindergarten games on forums, that’s okay because they aren’t breaking any forum posting guidelines. And, if they desire to try and build a credible reputation based on posting silliness that’s their prerogative.

    IMO Admin ought to consider displaying only one discussion thread from any single member on the front page so that the new members and lesser know members have a better chance of having their discussions displayed there. I have submitted this suggestion at the new feedback site.

  4. BC has its good points, but I’m using it less and less. My participation in Blog catalog discussions, for example, has dwindled to one or two random comments a week. I find the general level of discussion to be superficial at best, annoying at worst. The constant repetition of themes – Rate my Blog! How do you get more traffic?? Why should I visit your blog in zero words??? – make my eyes just glaze over. The board needs a serious re-vamp.

  5. I had no idea how great blog catalog was until I joined and saw all of the resources available. I feel like blog catalog is a kind of “home base” to always come back to. By the way, I really appreciate you helping me with my wordpress question on dealing with spam. I used your advice and haven’t had anymore problems.

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