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Stumbleupon Resources

(1) A basic primer on how to use stumbleupon that also includes a section on and how to use it to build traffic to your blog. Blog Tip Sharing Project 4: StumbleUpon Primer

(2)  stumbleupon tips video

(3) 50+ Resources for Utilizing StumbleUpon Effectively

(4)  Stumbleupon toolbars

(5) How to Avoid being Banned using StumbleUpon

(6) When the Ban Hammer Comes Down on StumbleUpon

“The purpose of this post is to address a legitimate concern that new and seasoned Stumblers alike need to be aware of and that is the possibility of being “put under review” by the SU gods. Being put under review generally means that you will not ever be able to use your SU account again…”

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How to use Stumbleupon effectively

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13 thoughts on “Stumbleupon Resources

  1. @Scope
    Gong He Xin Xi!
    I don’t have anything better. My point is that there ought to be an opt out from alphainventions for bloggers who do NOT wish to have their posts listed, and this person is NOT providing one.

  2. This layout is like a maze to me. Chinese are celebrating New Year now. You are not a Chinese, but I’d still like to wish you a happy Chinese New Year!

    Do you have anything better than Alpha? I don’t mind trying out both. LOL~


  3. Never! Apart from minor(?) Google Interface problems, everything works well in Opera. Having integrated mail client, RSS reader, Notes, Widgets, Synchronizing(I use Opera Mini on phone) is good for me! :-)

  4. I don’t know why but after using Opera, I don’t want to get back to Firefox! (And after writing a few Anti-Firefox posts and comments it’s impossible)

    The good thing is that I can still review other sites provided they have Stumble Upon button around.

  5. Opera is a cool light weight browser – no bloat but IMO waiting is a don’t hold your breath situation. It’s not a popular enough browser to foresee that happening in the near future. Download Firefox 3.3 and get back into stumbling. ;-)

  6. I love Stumble Upon and had been active member for 3 months. But then came the time when I fell in love (literally) with Opera and now, I am out of SU community! :-(

    I am waiting for the day they support Opera. (If they plan to!)

  7. @Dave
    I agree with you. I have met those who are addicted to social networking. Some rarely blog but have become big time gamers of the system wherever they go and because they are addicted to social media they are everywhere.

  8. StumbleUpon is a great web-surfing resource with real potential to harness the wisdom of crowds (rather than the Digg-style idiocy of mobs). It’s a shame there are so many self-centered jerks trying to game it.

  9. Thanks for putting this resource directory together. There’s a lot of helpful information, not just in regards to StumbleUpon, but in regards to how to use social-networking sites effectively for blog promotion. More informative reading for the To-Do list. :)

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