Twenty five steps to increase blog traffic

dream ladder In blogging content is king and marketing is queen. If you write high quality original content and promote it then the result may be an increase in organic traffic, or not.  If it’s not easy to locate your content in search engines then there will be no increase in new traffic.  Thus, what determines success is two things:

  • whether or not your content is found,  and
  • whether or not the readers who do find it become subscribers.

Bloggers and their readers are co-creators of a  blog’s brand and that brand is ever evolving.   It’s important to invest time into finding the correct niche for your blog and formulating your goals.  It’s likewise just as important to examine your blog in terms of  growth models.

If you want to increase traffic then don’t listen to anyone who professes there are passive ways of doing that. Increasing traffic to a blog is hard work. If you want your blog to rank well in search engine results then that begins with creating and publishing original content ie. unique content that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet.

In the final analysis, all bloggers need to focus on creating relationships with other bloggers by leaving meaningful comments on their blogs, and by encouraging “organic” traffic that translates into a faithful blog readership for your own blog by responding to the comments you get.

Organic Traffic: Organic traffic is any traffic that comes to your site without being paid for. This includes people who visit via links in forums and blogs, traffic from search engines, traffic from word of mouth, or traffic from bookmarks. Organic traffic generally comes to a site naturally and is not driven by marketing campaigns.

Inorganic Traffic: Inorganic traffic is traffic that is pushed via marketing campaigns. Banner ads, search engine ads, etc generate inorganic traffic. Generally speaking this form of traffic is semi-immediate depending on how much you blanket the Web with your advertising and slowly dies out over time unless more money is spent to build a new marketing campaign.

Updated October 2, 2013. There are 25 basic steps to take to increase traffic to your blog. Here are the steps:

  1. Structure a reader and search engine friendly blog;
  2. Learn How to Identify Your Blog’s Target Audience;
  3. In blogging content is king create unique, high quality content and learn how to write high quality blog posts  and use the 10 Guidelines for Writing Engaging Posts;
  4. Learn basic SEO so you can use keywords effectively and apply basic SEO to your headlines,  blog and posts;
  5. Learn and apply the 6 Ways to Make Google Your Blog’s Best Friend;
  6. Create at least 4-6 pillar posts  and continue to create and publish more pillar posts;
  7. Select and link to appropriate anchor text;
  8. Link to authoritative sources in your posts;
  9. Deep link to your earlier related posts in your new posts;
  10. Assign appropriate categories and tag your posts with care;
  11. Link to related authoritative blogs in your blogroll;
  12. Provide RSS feeds for subscribers;
  13. Having a well designed theme is important, evaluate your theme for effectiveness, and if required, create a new header,  make improvements or  replace your theme with a mobile friendly or responsive width theme and reduce page loading time;
  14. Avoid cluttering your blog with widgets that lack reader value;
  15. Buy your own domain;
  16. Verify your blog with the major search engines;
  17. Get organized, use an online to do list by developing a blogging workflow;
  18. Leave meaningful comments on related blogs;
  19. Encourage comments on your own blog;
  20. Develop relationships with other bloggers so you can build a blog readers’ community around your own blog;
  21. Join social networks and social media sites and promote your blog posts;
  22. Promote your blog through forums, online groups, and  selected directories;
  23. Develop a social media time management strategy and stick to it;
  24. Become a guest blogger on sites with higher page rank than your own site;
  25. Set your goals for becoming a better blogger, achieve them to take your blog to the next level.

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  2. Interesting reads, links and information…quite a bit to learn from you blog and how you present your project.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer the comments :) You have a new follower (for all that its worth).

    Have a GREAT day!

    • Hello there,
      Yes, I do treasure comments and do reply to them. Thanks so much for yours. That said do know that sometimes I fall behind and I’m late in answering because I work in my hubby’s business and I do contracted work as well. Blogging is my hobby.

  3. Lovely informative blog – I’ve learned so much already. Do you have time to answer any questions regarding the tech on individual blogs?

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    • I’m happy to hear that you find my articles to be useful. As our usernames are already linked to our blogs I consider signature link drops at the end of comment to be uneccesary and I remove them all.

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  7. TiTi
    I have a difficult time with leaving meaningful comments. Sometimes I’m just not able to articulate just what it is I want to say related to the post. And feeling that perhaps what I have to say adds no value. And more often times than not because of this I will shy away from commenting seeing as to how the other commentators are able to articulate so well.

  8. Good tips….I am implementing these for mine’s too. By the way in 10th tip,what’s ” ~~~~”??

  9. Thanks for your words of wisdom :)

    I’m now a subscriber, this tips are really helpful for a newie such as me, I’m glad I’m having my official launch on Sunday so I can put some of these points into practice, I do however have an intro so people know what to expect.

    Thanks so so so much for letting me know about your blog

    Ginga Ninja

  10. This might be a little off topic, but from viewing your site it appears you know a little about coding, Internet traffic, etc. I was wondering if you had any problem with bots? Not the indexing bot from a search engine, but a bot coded for spamming etc? I used to find a lot of them, in fact hundreds at a time on our forum sites, websites with posting or form sending, etc.

    That would be the kind of traffic you might not want to your site. Most of them are the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server controled bots, a few are Java coded, PHP, etc. I wonder if they have come across the ip’s of blog sites, I have been working with networks and the internet since the early 90’s and after about 1999 or so bots became more of a problem. We run both NTFS (Windows Servers) and Unix Servers and do our own hosting, including DNS.

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