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7 steps for effective networking at Blog Catalog

My first post in this series is Blog Catalog: Premium Directory and Social Network and if you haven’t read it previously then I do recommend that you read it prior to reading this one.

(1)  Write an appealing profile

Your Blog Catalog profile page is the most effective advertising spot in the social network for you as a blogger and for your blogs too. Accept the fact that people want to know a bit about who you are and that they are not likely to be impressed by a one liner. Put some effort into creating a  biographical statement for use on your BC profile page and on other profile pages in other social media sites as well.

(2) Write  concise and informative blog description(s) for your profile page and select categories and tags

Blog descriptions  are extremely important. Put some effort into creating a concise, appealing description of your blog, your brand and your focus. Take a close look at the Category choices in the Directory and put some thought into selecting the categories and the tags for your blog(s).

(3)  Use the BC search facilities and learn how to network effectively

The search link is at the top of every page. Click it and use the filters  to narrow your search so you can locate similar and related blogs.

    Update:  Related Post – Link building strategy: Locating similar sites

    Screen the search results and select the most promising ones. Create an organized list and set a target for how many blogs you will visit each day, week, etc.  Then start visiting, reading blog posts and “weeding” through your potential selections at the same time.

    (4)  Success in social networking at Blog Catalog is based on creating blog centered relationships
    We are all busy people with limited time to invest into social networking so what makes sense is to invest your time and energy where greater rewards are more likely to result. What’s key to networking effectively in any social media site is the understanding that social networking efforts are best aimed at creating blog centered relationships with other bloggers, who have blogs that are related to your own.

    Blog Catalog has excellent tools, features and a community full of experienced bloggers. Members can use both the community and the tools to learn how to promote their blogs and how to locate other related blogs. Locating other related blogs and leaving meaningful comments is key to creating blog centered relationships, and that’s exactly what social networks are aimed for.

    (a) Blog Catalog is not set up to drive traffic to blogs. It’s is set up to drive readers to your blogs. All the  features are aimed at assisting members to increase  readers, as opposed to delivering a flood of one hit wonders that produce a high bounce rate.

    (b) If you are focused on blog promotion then don’t waste a lot of your time camping out in the forums because socializing is not the best way to create a network. There are 200,000 BC members and few ever post to the forum(s) at all. Be aware that the members with the top rated blogs at BC are not spending a lot of time tooling around shooting the breeze in the forums. They are using far more effective means of promoting their blogs.

    (c) Keep watch for the General Discussion threads that are posted to the forum  on subjects that relate to your blog categories and tags for your own blog,  post to them and subscribe so you receive notices of  new comments that are posted.  Take note of who the BC members are that also posting to them and visit their blogs.

    Encouraging readers to comment

    (d) Why link dropping is not in your best interest at BC
    Provided that a discussion thread has been posted to the forum in a manner that initiates discussion, link dropping ought not to occur at all. And every time you drop break the rules for posting to the Blog Catalog forum and drop a blog link inappropriately it can be reported to Admin for deletion. But that’s not the most important point. Every time you drop your blog link into a comment in a thread on this forum you are losing potential BC blog rank juice.

    Blog Catalog Blog Rank – a special formula that analyzes your hits, views, comments, neighborhood members and other special secret ingredients to create a numeric score based on a 100 point scale. Your Blog Rank is primarily used to determine the order blogs appear in our Directory and Search Results. The higher your score the better your placement.
    Views – The number of unique visitors that have looked at your BlogCatalog listing
    Hits – The number of unique visitors that have clicked through to your blog from BlogCatalog.

    We can click any username and arrive on a BC profile page and that counts for a BC view stat for the applicable member. We can then find the blog url on their BC profile page and click it and that counts for a BC hit stat for the applicable member. So, if we drop our blog link into a thread, and members click the link, then we lose the BC stats that we could have had, and that would have increased our BC blog rank, if they had clicked our username and then our blog url instead.

    (5 ) Join groups and start networking

    When you find “good matches”, make the BC members that have those sites “friends” and add their blogs as “favorites” and subscribe. Create a schedule and visit your selected sites regularly being sure to leave meaningful comments.

    Some will reciprocate and do the same for you and your blog. Monitor responses “weeding” out the non-responsive “pruning” off the dead wood. Dead wood = members who do not form relationships with you, do not visit your blog and do not leaving comments on your posts as you do on theirs.

    (6 )  Build a better blog, become a better blogger and promote your blog

    Write pillar posts and learn how to use, keywords and anchor text to deep link to your previous posts. Then set aside some time each week or each fortnight to learn how to improve your blog and your blogging and locating useful blogging resources and tools. Then apply what you learn.
    Becoming a Better Blogger
    Building a Better Blog

    Blog Catalog General Discussion forum – Shameless Blog Promotion Category
    A shameless blog promotion thread is a thread with enough information to hook someone and make them want to read further, and has the added advantage of not getting lost in a long thread of other blogs and descriptions. It is probably one of the two most effective things a blogger can do to promote their own blog at Blog Catalog.
    (a) What do you blog about?
    (b) What is your primary reason for establishing and maintaining your blog? And, what are your goals for your blog?
    (c) What makes your blog unique from other blogs in your niche?
    (d) WIIFM? (What’s in it for me?) Why should I visit your blog?

    (7)  Learn about linking

    Know that what every blog needs in non-reciprocal backlinks. Write posts that contain backlinks to those blog posts in your “favorite blogs” and wait for them to do the same.

    Be cautious about blogroll linking and don’t jump at the chance to link exchange with any other blog off the top of your head. Put no blogs on your blogroll until you understand how backlinks, reciprocal links and non reciprocal links work and have a clear grasp understanding of how Google page ranking works. In fact, there’s no need to carry a blogroll at all. You can simply backlink to appropriate blogs in each of your posts. But do be cautious about how many outbound links you create.
    Understanding backlinks
    Understanding reciprocal and non reciprocal links
    Improving your Google Page Rank
    Technorati: The Six Month Link Window

    add to :: Add to Blinkslist :: add to furl :: Digg it :: add to ma.gnolia :: Stumble It! :: seed the vine :: reddit :: furl

    19 thoughts on “7 steps for effective networking at Blog Catalog

    1. I joined BC a long time ago, and it s was sitting ther.. i was more focused on digg. but folloing the steps as you said make it great… I am diggig and mixxin this article… you are awesome writter… keep up the good work!

    2. I was nice to you. The subject of this post is networking at Blog Catalog. You posted twice and both comments were off topic. I gave you the information I had and encouraged you to join Blog Catalog. There’s nothing more I can do for you.

    3. Jeez, never might try being a little nicer to people who are asking advice from you. That is why you are on here, correct?? Maybe not..

    4. @kirsten
      You seem confused. I hope you are aware that wordpress.COM and wordpress.ORG are different.

      My blog here is a wordpress.COM free hosted blog. You have a wordpress.ORG blog. If you are looking for help promoting your business blog and you have a web host and you are running free software from wordpress.ORG then you are barking up the wrong tree.

      Also as this is a post about Blog Catalog your comment is completely off-topic. I suggest you register and submit your blog to Blog Catalog and learn how to promote your blog there.

      Best wishes :)

    5. Can you help me then with promoting my new Advice Collumn, I am new to starting my own company and it started out on WordPress and now I have my own Web Page. I would appreciate any help.

    6. @kiefer
      Humans are imitators and followers. We are inclined to simply do what everyone else seems to be doing without asking questions. Also those who do provide information about rules are, in essence, exposing those who are breaking them. Consequently, being bold enough to tell members what the rules are and why it’s in their best interest to abide them, puts me in the position of being shot as the messenger.

    7. @Kirsten
      CAn you provide me with a directory to free non reciprocal links to submit my url to?

      No I can’t. If you write well and your promote what you write then other bloggers will link to your posts. It’s that simple.

    8. @PinoyXfat
      I remember my first three days in BC I was furiously posting replies and even posting my own discussions simply because I enjoyed the exchange of ideas. and then I stopped after I realized I was not really benefiting from it aside from identifying a few people I could learn from (and that includes you).

      I hear what you have said. The hidden factor to new members is that we do have those members who camp out in the forum every day. As being a blogger is not a requirement for membership, we have some that have elevated posting threads to the forum and queening it over them all day long to being equivalent to full time work. When you come to recognize that they rarely blog and are obsessed with socializing on the forum it’s hard to conclude that they are anything less than pathetic.

      I’m glad you have discovered how to navigate around these types and make your networking experience at BC an effective one.

      I do not doubt your sincerity and I thank you so much for your compliments. :-)

    9. @Ram Venkatararam
      Hi there. Newcomers make mistakes and that’s to be expected because after all they don’t know what they are doing. I’m hoping this series of article I publish will address that “ignorance factor”.

    10. Another great post, i wish i read this when i first joined BC. All this time i have been doing what other people were.

      Live and learn, thanks again timethief

    11. Wow. You’re a pro, timethief. This article is one of the most useful and relevant I’ve read from blogs the last two weeks. I don’t see any similarities between what I do in my blog and what you do in yours, but let me hang around here from time to time.

      The principles you’ve outlined on how to make the most of BC make sense. I remember my first three days in BC I was furiously posting replies and even posting my own discussions simply because I enjoyed the exchange of ideas. and then I stopped after I realized I was not really benefitting from it aside from identfying a few people I could learn from (and that includes you). Will read your article again to make sure your lessons are drilled into my head.

      This are sincere compliments and some comment meant to lure reciprocity.

      Thanks for sharing, timethief. I really appreciate it.

    12. This is very helpful (as always). Thanks. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my first few weeks. Would have been wise to do my homework first. Still, live and learn.

    13. For me, your posts always do so much. They’re informative and easy to read. They are compelling, and make me want to improve. They inspire, they guide, they direct… I hope to be as concise and helpful to my viewers as you are to me. I love reading your posts, it’s like I’m getting an edge on other bloggers out there who don’t know about you. :P But in all seriousness. Thank you. You’re always a great help. -Eric

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