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More Twitter resources

I have been out searching for more Twitter resources and found the following that may be useful to readers:

twitter bird

twitter bird

(1) Searching twitter:
twitter search box
advanced twitter search
How to Search Twitter – the Advanced Guide

Twittergrader – Twitter Grader measures the power of a profile

(2) Twitter feed:
Here’s how to get your blog (or any other RSS or Atom feed) twittering

(3) Twitter by iphone
Twitter for iphone
On iPhone Please Visit

(4) Twitter articles
10 Traits of Highly Effective Twitter Users
When Tweeting Less Can Help You be a More Effective Twitter User
TwellowHood – Find Local Twitter Users
Building an Effective Business Profile on Twitter

(5) twitter marketing ebook  – PDF download

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18 thoughts on “More Twitter resources

  1. Is there a way to integrate Twitter seemlessly into your WordPress page? I can do this quite nicely in Blogger, but don’t seem to be able to do it in my WordPress blog.

    • There are many twitter resources now and over 100 apps. Not only that but there are all kinds of schemes and scams for adding thousands of pseudo followers and making money from twitter. Every day many of us are spending our valuable time deleting the bots that have been auto-added as followers every night, and the internet marketer followers who infest twitter. Frankly, I have grown tired of the hype and consider time spent on twitter aside from posting links to my articles to be a huge time suck.

  2. I love social networking and blogging and have recently been trying to tune into the powers of Twitter. However due to its lack of social interaction and niche of serving large corporate businesses rather than a hungry youth market, I am failing to see the appeal.

    Recent press stories suggest that Twitter has skipped a generation and missed the opportunity to embed itself in a lucrative youth culture. However other media reports suggest that teens are addicted to their mobiles and are indeed engrossed in social networking, blogging and texting.( ) Hence the tag: The Text Generation.

    Whilst banging my head against the wall, trying to link the two I stumbled across this site ….. How hadn’t I seen this before, it’s the obvious answer to a teen market engrossed in text messaging and the ‘need’ to voice their opinion and it‘s FREE.
    It’s micro-blogging whilst on the move, text on the go…. I think this maybe the way forward, the missing link.

    Obviously this is not just a tool to voice teenage adolescents, cranked up to 11!, it’s for anyone that wants to express their opinion whilst away from their desk.

    I’ve even had a go and I’m impressed, the application is great for social events and parties, I can simply sneak away for two minutes and blogg by just sending a text.

    This could become addictive, I suggest you give it a go…..

    • (1) You will notice that I removed the links from your comment. Read my comments policy and you will find out why I did that scroll down to “Commercial links, post links, signature links, etc. ” The only reason you posted here was to provide two links designed to drive traffic to your blog and to TweetAdder.

      (2) “Automate Twitter Promotion & Marketing – Find and Engage in Like-Minded Twitter Followers & Automate Twitter Posts! ”

      I have no use for this automated system of creating bot armies of pseudo followers and no respect for people who are doing the same. Every day I delete and block bot followers from my twitter account. Every day I delete and block all the internet marketers whobecame my followers so they can cosy up to me and they sell products and services to me.

      (3) Please read the TOS section 2, bullet 5. blogs cannot be used to deive traffic to third party sites and that’s exactly what you are doing ie. using your blog to drive traffic to TweetAdder. When your blog is reported for TOS violations Staff will be in the position of examining it and deciding is they wish to either suspending or delete it.

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  5. @sayzlim
    Thanks for letting me know you read the post and for commenting too. Today’s headline hype may be tomorrow’s fish wrap so I say “don’t sweat it”. :)

  6. It seems that you’ve been busy gathering the resources about Twitter for blogger.

    TT, I don’t even have enough time to consume all the material.
    As for the moment, twitter is not for me yet.

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