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Five Twitter resources for bloggers

These days bloggers are looking to twitter as a means of blog promotion. I have been out locating resources that may be useful.

twitter bird

twitter bird

Twitter resources
(1) How I Use Twitter to Promote My Blog see also twitip

(2) 10 Ways Bloggers Can Use Twitter

(3) How To Use Twitter to Promote Your Blog Video

(4) 25 Tactics to Promote Your Blog via Facebook and Twitter

(5) How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Content

Please let me know if these resources and  prove to be helpful to you or not.
Will you also share any tips and  links to any other resources  and that you have found to be of help?

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15 thoughts on “Five Twitter resources for bloggers

  1. Still a bit early days for me – but your info about Twitter has definitely got me thinking. I don’t want to be beholden to my stats – just a happy medium, with people commenting or subscribing because they find my site entertaining and vice versa. All this reciprocal back scratching for the sake of it does have a tendency to devalue the currency of the site!

    • @barrymanana
      Well, social networking has radically changed the lives of bloggers. Some say it’s for the better. These days we are in the position of having to promote every individual post we publish. The web is full of articles on how to use twitter effectively. At first the majority were technical “how to” articles. Now the focus is being “personal” and forming “meaningful relationships” with followers. Apparently some are able to do that in 140 character blurts to thousands of followers every day. The reason for the emphasis change is clear.

      When we joining social media sites and social networks we do so with the intention of distributing the news that we have published new content to and every growing audience. In essence by acquiring followers and entering retweeting reciprocity arrangements we are agreeing to be a part of an ever increasing network with a larger broadcast range.

      As we join more than a single social media and/or social networking site and promote the same post on all of them we are flooding the internet with duplicated, triplicated, quadruplicated etc. notifications that we have published. For some this leads to an increase in readers and comments and for others it doesn’t.

      I cannot form meaningful personal relationships with hundreds of people online by means of 140 character blurts. What I can share is the titles and links to my posts and that’s it. Social networking gurus warn that posting only titles and links will not increase my followers. They insist I must be “personal”. Well, I don’t want to know about what you ate for breakfast or what music you are listening to. If you want to comment on my posts and enter a discussion about blogging – sweet! If you want to engage me in small talk then forget it. I guess that means I’m out of step with the majority of twits. ;) Oh well …

      here’s another link you might find to be useful

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  5. Thanks for helping me TimeThief, sorry i don’t read your related post before. My eyes so sleepy, i haven’t sleep lately. OK gonna bookmarked this article tommorrow i will continue reading about this “Twitter” thing. Good night.

  6. I think this is one example of how a scramble for Google Adsense bucks degrades online media.

    Amen. I share the same feelings. Within a very short time of getting a twitter account I was bombarded. When I had had enough I simply dumped most of the followers I had and made my tweets private. The greed factor is polluting and degrading the entire blogosphere.

  7. As a Twitter and Identica user, I’m a little annoyed by people who use these services primarily to promote content elsewhere. I want to read original content (especially twaiku and other microblog literary forms) and participate in conversations, not to be broadcast at. That’s what feed readers are for! I do occasionally link to my blog posts on Twitter and Identica, but only when it’s directly relevant to a topic at hand. My idea is that be providing really good content, I’ll make people curious enough to click the link on my profile page without extra prompting. Of course, if I were trying to make money off of blogging, I might have a differnt attitude. But I think this is one example of how a scramble for Google Adsense bucks degrades online media.

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