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So sick

so sick

so sick

It’s been years since I have had a cold or the flu.  However, whatever it is that my husband came down with on Winter Solstice is now occupying my body too. I’m so sick I can barely function so blogging is out of the question.

Cold or flu?

Over 100 different viruses can cause colds. The flu, on the other hand, is caused by just a few different viruses each year. That’s why there’s a vaccine for flu but not for colds.

The flu starts suddenly and hits hard. Your fever may go as high as 40C (105F). You’ll probably feel weak and tired, and have a dry cough, a runny nose, chills, muscle aches, severe headache and a sore throat. The fever may last for three to five days. After the flu goes away, you may still feel weak and tired or keep coughing for up to three weeks.


  • There’s no cure for a cold or the flu. To feel better you can treat your symptoms while your body fights off the virus.
  • Stay home and rest in bed, especially while you have a fever.
  • Steam inhalation therapy is helpful for relieving the congestion. It opens up congested sinuses and lung passages, allowing you to discharge mucus, breathe more easily, and heal faster. To make the steam, you may use water only, or you may add eucalyptus oil to enhance the effects of the treatment.
  • Drink plenty of fluids like water and fruit juices. Fluids will help loosen mucus. Fluids are also important if you have a fever because fever can dry up your body’s fluids, which can lead to dehydration.
  • Drink hot tea with lemon and honey to soothe a sore throat and help loosen the mucus in your nose. Eating chicken soup can also help loosen the mucus.

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20 thoughts on “So sick

  1. How are you now? Hope you feeling better now. Really like your blog & your comments on BlogCatalog. Looking fwd for you next article. Get well soon.

  2. Hope you are on the mend. Thanks for the posts on becoming a better blogger. I’ll be back to read more soon

  3. It’s a real nasty bug for sure and now I have a fibromylagia flare-up too. And the power is going off and on again as we have really high winds. Woe is me :(

  4. Feel better soon. Get plenty of rest and let your immune system get strong again. Lot’s of lergy’s going around this time of year.

  5. I’m sorry to hear you had a stomach bug. This thing I have is now growing worse so I may have to make a doctor’s appointment. The hard part will be getting there as we are snowed in.

  6. Oh that sounds miserable – I hope you’re feeling better. Hot water with honey and lemon (or raspberry vinegar, sounds nasty, but it’s quite good) is a favorite of mine as well. Our family got hit with a stomach bug this Christmas, no fun, but luckily it only lasted one day.

  7. It doesn’t sound like you’re a “drinker,” but to that hot tea, honey, and lemon, I always add a tot of rum – it makes me sleepy, helps to keep me in bed and not fretting, and sleep is always a restorative. Take care.

  8. @Jennifer
    I have been on a fluid diet for a couple of days now. Thank goodness I have so much soup frozen and on hand. I’ve been drinking gallons of green tea, as well as, hot lemon and honey drinks. And I’ve been steaming myself with eucalyptus. Thus far I have gone through 2 large boxes of tissues so the good news is that the crud is draining out.

  9. Another remedy: make a cup of hot tea, and put a menthol cough drop into it. The heat releases the menthol as vapors, which can help open you up. Be sure to keep stirring your tea, though, or the menthol taste will sink to the bottom and last few sips will be extremely strong.

  10. Hope you feel better soon, TT. It’s very cute that you said blogging is out of the question, then you go write – er, I mean right – into a post on Cold or Flu! Blogging’s in your bones :-)

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