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Yikes! Snowing and blowing

Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays! Whichever ones apply:
Jewish, Christian, Pagan, secular!
Practicing people are not particular,
Perhaps because all people yearn for friends.
Year’s end’s a time of darkness, true, but when
Has darkness ever darkened one small light?
Our pleasures are like candles in the night,
Lighting lamps that burn beyond our ken.
In celebration there is more than joy:
Days of feasting bind our friendships fast,
A fat and full embrace of things that last,
Yet holy in what sense one might employ,
Savoring sweet songs that spirits buoy.

UPDATE:  Friday, December 26, 2008. We have had three power failures. Although we have power now it’s coming and going again. We are expecting a huge dump of snow tonight. If you have commented and your comment does not appear it will be because the power has failed and I’m unable to get online so I can moderate it.

Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas and a Peaceful and Prosperous New Year to all.

23 thoughts on “Yikes! Snowing and blowing

  1. Found your blog on Muse’s blog. Well done! I will definately be back often. We’ve been getting lot’s of snow in Minneapolis. Thankfully it’s manageable..and oh so pretty. I feel like I’m surrounded by the most wonderful whip creme topping. Happy Holiday!

  2. @ Static
    I’s great to come out of the cold and dark and find your comment waiting. Your description made me smile and I thank you for doing what you do so well. Go build that igloo now and start sending me warm thoughts knowing I will be reciprocating.

  3. Hoowee Timethief! It’s snowing! I mean really snowing! People in New England positively FREAK out when we get a few flurries…and we’re supposed to 8-10 inches. LOL You should see the lines at the gas stations and supermarkets. They look like a bunch of cattle.

    Well, anyway, good luck to you and yours. Stay warm and dry. Don’t overcook that bird…save me a drumstick?

    As for me, (speaking of Alaska – I used to live in Anchorage) I’m gonna go build me a half-assed igloo (’cause that’s all I can make in New England). =P

    See ya when I sees ya!

  4. Good morning TT, I hope the power stays on for you today. We have a nasty storm coming through Toronto this morning too; I actually loved the news this morning here they are calling this a “Dynamic Winter Storm”, up to 30cm today.

    So we will be doing a lot of shoveling out this weekend. Love the picture too, those red buildings look so beautiful behind the snow.

    Be safe and stay warm.

  5. I have read ur website. Its good. & ur animated picture so imaging. & ur full website as a new blogger will very much helpful. thnx. hope u a best journey…………

  6. @Ann Z
    lol … I’m hoping I won’t be without power and wondering what the heck I can do besides shoveling and huddling under quilts. When the electricity goes out here we cannot draw water from the well. It’s amazing how much inconvenience it is to not be able to wash, bathe, wash dishes, flush toilets by just turning on taps. Carrying buckets of water around is exhausting and the novelty wears off very quickly. No electricity also means no electric stove use and that means cooking outside on a campstove. This limits the menu and let’s face it freezing your butt off to heat up soup or stew is no fun at all. I’d far rather be at this keyboard.

    I’ve noticed that your blog is changing very subtly and I’m liking the change.

    May your holiday season be happy and bright. :-)

  7. @roentarre
    I agree that the animated image is attractive but it can’t hold a candle to your outstanding images on your blog sites. I don’t even own a camera. You are such a gifted photographer that it takes my breath away. Thanks for the blog visit. I hope to visit your blog soon. :-)

  8. @jennifer
    Scraping off a thin layer of ice is probably a pretty unusual event where you live … lol. I’m actually looking forward to this down time from work. If the power holds then I have great plans for blog posts I’m writing, for doing lots of maintenance on both sites I’ve been putting off, for development work on my personal blog site, and for commenting on many blogs.

    You are a fine writer whose openness and skill I admire when I read your beautifully crafted posts. You’re posts and your courageous writing are an inspiration to your readers. And I regret that I haven’t had the time I would like to have had to leave more comments on your posts.

    I luv ya girl. All the best to you and yours during this holiday season.

  9. @k fields
    In Alaska and for that matter in other areas in BC and on the prairies we are fully equipped to deal with the cold. This isn’t the situation on the coast. Although we try to be prepared the reality is that power lines do go down, pipes do freeze and the driving conditions are unbelievably treacherous. I most certainly will be housebound and that’s okay with me. My only desire is that it doesn’t last longer than a week. :-)

    I really enjoy visiting your blog, viewing the photos and learning more about life in Alaska. You blog is obviously a labor of love. Blog on!

  10. @potato chef
    Wow! Las Vegas airport was closed today because of snow. That must be a record setting event. thanks for the keep warm wishes. I’m a potato lover who is really enjoying the recipes you are posting. Keep up the good work on your blog. :-)

  11. Yikes indeed! Here’s hoping for warmth, electricity and no fallen trees. I’m with K – blizzards are for snuggling under a blanket with a warm drink.

  12. I hope your power keeps on keeping on! We’ve recently gotten a lot of rain here and it’s gotten colder, but snow would be pretty amazing. I watched a few people this morning trying to scrape off the thin layer of frost on their windshields. They have no idea!

    The web page is looking good!

  13. Ugh! I soooooo understand! Stay warm! After you publish get a nice cup of hot something and snuggle up with your hubby under a nice warm blanket and relax.

    Isn’t that what blizzards are for? :)

    Love the snow picture!

  14. Believe it or not the Las Vegas airport was closed today because of snow. We have a few inches on the ground and expect more before the end of the week.

    Very unusual for us. Nothing compared to what you are experiencing. Stay warm and dry.

  15. I hope you stay warm too. I have almost completed my blog post. Hopefully, after I eat supper the power will be still on so I can finish it and publish it. :)

  16. Same here we have been getting dumped on with a lot
    of snow in the last 2 days & now we’re looking at a
    blizzard storm warning that will dump more snow 0n top
    of the 13 inches we got today alone.

    Stay warm & safe TT, :)

    BTW I like the photo you picked for your post.


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