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Release the Awesome Power of Setting Goals

Release the Awesome Power of Setting Goals by guest blogger Nicky Jameson

Nicky blogs her take on copywriting, marketing, tech and social media topics to help small businesses write copy and effectively use social media to market themselves for success at

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” –Napoleon Hill

How are you planning for success in 2009? Have you decided on what you want? Have you clarified your vision? What are your goals?

If you want to achieve success in anything there are some steps you must take. One of the most important requirements for success is to set goals.

Once you’ve decided what you want and clarified your vision you must set goals to achieve your desires and vision.

What is a goal?

A goal is more than a good idea. Unfortunately many people mistake good ideas for goals.

A goal is:

1. Specific

2. Measurable

3. Realistic

Good idea:    I want to lose weight.

Goal: I will weigh 186 pounds by 6pm May 17th 2010.

Good idea: I want to make a lot of money from my copywriting business.

Goal: I will land five clients worth 20K each by January 31st 2010

Making $100K from your business by January 31 2009 isn’t realistic. Landing five clients each worth 20K by December 31st 2009 is realistic and while aggressive, it’s achievable. Launching 2 new product lines each selling 50K worth of services by December 31st 2009 is realistic and achievable.

Write your Goals in detail

If your goal is to own a luxury car describe the make, model, year, colour, wheels, interior – everything about it. If your goal is to land five new clients, describe the type of clients they are, their industries, how you solve their problems, the kind of products and services they offer, what you like about them and how you work with them.

If your goal is to earn 100K a year from your blog, describe who will read your blog the services you offer, how they help your customers, where you’ll promote your blog, influence you have and so on.

When I began my first blog I was getting very few hits. I imagined getting hundreds of hits a day and readers enjoying my blog. I wrote those goals down. Today my first blog enjoys over 10K hits in an average month and a lively community of readers.

Infuse life into your Goals

Write a cheque to yourself for the amount you want to make and review it every day. In 1990 Jim Carrey was a struggling actor. He drove his Toyota up to Mulholland Drive, and, dreaming of his future, wrote himself a cheque for $10million and dated it Thanksgiving 1995. The rest is history. By 1995, Jim’s asking price per movie, after Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, The Mask and Dumb and Dumber, was $20 million.

Set BHAGs – Big Hairy Audacious Goals

You need to have some big goals that will stretch you and move you out of your comfort zone. That’s what Jim Carrey did. Why have BHAGs? Because achieving these goals means you must learn new skills, build new relationships and overcome your fears. As you do this you develop personally. You grow stronger and more confident.  You master life instead of the other way around.

Create a Goals Book

A goals book speeds up the achievement of your goals. Create a separate page for each goal, and write your goal at the top of each page. Illustrate it with pictures, drawings, photos, power words, and affirmations. Review the pages of your goal book every day. Writing down your goals is one of the most powerful ways to achieve them.

Carry your most important goal around with you, and look at it often. Put it on your mirror, your wall or desk.

Think big

Make more than one goal. List 100 things you want to achieve before you die, with all the detail we discussed earlier. Write them in your goals book or carry them around on 3×5 cards. Each time you achieve a goal, check it off and write “Achieved!” next to it. Last year I wrote down just 10 goals I wanted to achieve over the next two – three years. In less than 18 months I am half way through the list and adding more as they come up. This year I am writing 100 goals I want to achieve in my life.

Ready for success?

  • Decide what you want.
  • Clarify your vision
  • Set goals
  • Write your goals down in detail
  • Review them constantly and every day

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8 thoughts on “Release the Awesome Power of Setting Goals

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  2. @itzia – Goals really do work. The very act of setting them and writing them down, setting timelines and specifics starts the process and when you achieve them you get such a rush of confidence you set bigger goals ;)
    @ Brian – well done – and thanks very much for the compliment and for sharing!
    @dantem – thanks so much for your kind comments ;) Absolutely, it is all linked. The Secret is all about the Law of Attraction (one of several natural principles) which states that we attract whatever we think about. I won’t take up space to go into it here (maybe a future guest post) however our thoughts are powerful. Goals and action on those goals are what bring your vision or dream to life. In other words you visualise the life you want, then you take action on your goals to bring it about.

    It’s amazing how you then attract the opportunities and people to make it happen. I’m glad you see the links… many people forget about the Action part when it comes to The Secret. Hope you will share your thoughts again when you finish reading The Secret.

  3. Hey, I love your blog! The design is awesome and the content’s great. This article here reminds me of a book I’m reading called “The Secret”. Although I may be just starting out and falling behind a little, I too believe that all of these tips are jump-starts to the finish line we all like to call, our dream. I’ll continue checking back. :)

  4. In the past, I have set what I once believed were goals, when really they were just ideas. I can tell you that when I set a goal to lose weight without specifics, I lost 0 lbs. :) When I identified the specifics (5lbs by October 31st), I was able to work towards that specific number and in turn had much more success. Great post & love your site.

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  6. Nicky (and TT) thanks for the idea. yes, i think that it’s a good thing indeed which everyone of us should follow. IMO having defined goals surely helps us. i’ll definitely get busy writing down my goals for 2009 (and for life).

    one goal i am thinking about right now is to have 2K visitors per month for my LIFE AS I KNOW IT by posting good articles and posting atleast once in 3 days.

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