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Blog Training Academy is a brand new venture that is based in San Antonio, Texas and in the coming days and weeks will be introducing new and cutting edge ideas, tools and methods to help businesses and individuals solidify their place on the world wide web.

Blog Training Academy is unique because we have a 3 basic yet comprehensive objectives:

  • Educate
  • Cultivate
  • Elevate
  • blog training academy
    blog training academy

    Blog Training Academy took the time out to review 17 twitterific tools that you might or might not have seen. There are some duds and there are some real gems, just click the link and then  sit back,  read and discover something new and possibly unique.

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    4 thoughts on “twitter tools reviews

    1. Setting that aside. I am glad you found the post to be useful. My twitter value is probably a minus figure because I only use it for chat.

    2. Thanks for the link, you always find great websites. Found out my twitter value is $11 LOL.

    3. Ummm … I won’t be spending much time in the forums. I have added you at twitter. My tweets are protected. I rarely ever use twitter & when I do it’s only for chatting or for letting followers know I’ve published a new post. Some days I don’t sign in at all. The reason I have backed away from twitter use is the signal to noise ratio. I received so many follower requests that were from paid bloggers whose blogs had lost their PR and who were looking for blogs like mine to link to that it blew my mind. We all need one way backlinks but I will not blogroll link to any site that has paid links on it and jeopardize this blog’s page rank.

      Read these posts and you will see what most bloggers just don’t get.
      Understanding Backlinks
      Understanding Reciprocal and Non-Reciprocal Links

    4. Hello!! Glad to see you back in th WP Forums!! Link up with me on Twitter, too….

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