An interview with timethief


My friend  Shirley, who has a great emerging blog called Proof Positivity asked some questions that led to a mini interview answer.  I decided to publish it here for your reading pleasure.

Shirley is a former City Year corps member who believes in making a difference that is what is at the root of her blog  Proof Positivity. Her  goal is to create a television news show based on community service, good deeds, and positive news.  So please visit her blog and witness the good work she is undertaking.

When and where it all began – Blogger

I began reading blogs in 2003 and I started my own private blog on Blogger. In early 2006 I chose to found a public blog on Blogger because it was the biggest free blog webhost, and because I assumed it was the easiest blogging to learn how to use. A few days later I got a blog too. Almost I immediately noticed how poor Blogger support was and how long it took to get assistance. In contrast,  I discovered that I preferred wordpress software and forum volunteer support was great. It was backed up by excellent staff support too, so I gravitated there.  I also discovered that the global tagging pages brought my blogs traffic but that Blogger didn’t have such a social network equivalent.

Moving from Blogger to

Within a short while I realized how limited remaining at Blogger would be and how much better wordpress would suit my blogging purposes. So I exported the contents out and abandoned my Blogger blog and imported them into my blog.

I learned my wordpress blogging here on the free hosted multi-user platform with the help of their excellent FAQs, and the volunteers answering questions on the support forum. Once I learned the basics I began other blogs and I also began answering forum questions myself. In fact I answered over 7,000 questions on the support forum. In time I decided to move my personal blog off the subdomain onto my own domain, and to use software.

Moving on to

I chose to retain the page rank on the blog and not break all the links by paying for both a domain and domain mapping. This costs me 4 cents per day or $15.00 for a year’s service.  I chose A Small Orange as my web host and began a new learning curve.

I blogged on how and why to get your own domain here

For those who wish to make the switch to self hosting their own free software here is the link to free become a wordpress blogger tutorial videos.

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What happened to timethief?

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17 thoughts on “An interview with timethief

  1. Cool.. lots of details.. thanks

  2. Very informative blog. great work there.

  3. @irtiza
    I won’t be surprised when you get your own domain. I’m really happy to see your progress. :)

  4. @K
    I’m really happy when I can help someone and you know where to find me. I’m remaining optimistic about achieving a full recovery and “yes” it’s frustrating being in this “limbo”. Thanks so much for being my friend.

  5. @ianinhamburg
    With as many staff as there are now there is no need for volunteers. :)

  6. Hello TT, I’m dropping by to say I was happy to you
    in the forums again. :D

    Best Luck with your recovery.

  7. i hope to get my own domain…some day.

    thanks for sharing

  8. I am glad that you are on the road to recovery, even if it is slow going, and I am sure quite frustrating to you, you still always seem to be able to help other’s out. :)

    I have learned a lot from your posts on your blogs and at BC discussions, and they have really helped me figure out and learn stuff I needed to know even tho I do not have wordpress, but my own creation of a blog.

    You truly are the best of the best. May you continue healing, and that peace reign in your life!

  9. Hi TT,

    I saw you today on the forums! Was that a cameo appearance?

    Glad to see you, anyway. :-)

  10. @Benny
    Since the head banging incident I have had some trouble with my short term memory. I do recall the all good times we had after I first arrived at Blog Catalog but I can’t recall meeting you previous to being a BC member … lol :P

    I hope you are keeping well. :)

  11. @Shirley,
    It was a pleasure answering your questions and it has likewise been a pleasure getting to know you. Two hours ago our whole wordpress dashboard arrangement dramatically changed for the second time in one year. More changes are on the way like Buddy Press and it won’t take long before becomes a huge social network in its own right. We are well positioned because we have established blogs here already.

  12. I too was impressed with how fast wordpress people answered my question about a widget for blogcatalog. I thought it would be weeks but they took care of my problem with in minutes. A feature that blogger has that I enjoy is I can just click and drag anything and move it around without thinking. WordPress has given me a few challenges in that respect. Wonderful summary of my blog too. :) Thank you.

  13. Hmmm – Interesting is true – But do tell now… If it were not for me – You would not be calling BC your home :)


  14. Very interesting thanks for sharing. :)

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