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Templates for Google Docs

If you use Google Docs, you might be pleased to know that Google is now offering 13 new templates for forms.

Forms in the templates gallery
We’ve added 13 spreadsheet forms to the Templates Gallery under a new document type “Forms”. Browse the new forms.
Forms in the templates gallery

Basic Employment Application – A basic application form for employment that you can customize to suit specific job openings.

  • RSVP Form for a Holiday Party or Event – This form collects RSVPs from your guests to help you plan your holiday party or event. Email this online form to your guests and let them tell you if they can attend.
  • “Contact us” website form – Gather contact information from your website visitors
  • Online Petition – Organize a grass-roots petition by collecting web-based “signatures” from supporters of your cause
  • Event Registration Form – Use this form to collect registrations for an upcoming event, seminar, or meeting.
  • Volunteer Survey – This survey allows organizations to survey their volunteers about their interests, skills, talents, and availability
  • Event Feedback Survey – This event feedback survey allows event organizers to collect feedback, satisfaction levels, and recommendations for improving events.
  • Collecting Mailing Addresses – Send this form to your friends and family to collect their mailing addresses. Use the addresses to mail holiday cards and other event correspondence.
  • Website Satisfaction and Feedback Survey – This survey allows webmasters and website owners to collect feedback about visitor satisfaction.
  • Generic Product Satisfaction Survey – A useful way to gather basic data from your customers regarding satisfaction on your product.
  • Running Log – Input an entry for each run you do to keep track of your overall running history.
  • Nutrition/Food Diary – Input an entry for each meal or snack you eat, to keep track of overall nutritional and caloric intake.
  • Detailed Product Satisfaction Survey – A more detailed way to collect satisfaction data from your customers on a particular product.
  • Hat tip to Chris Crum

    Discussion Question: Do you use Google Docs? If so,  will any of these templates will be useful to you?

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    1. Hi there. I have noticed that Google is doing more and more all the time. So whereas I didn’t take note of what they have to offer until webmasters I am taking note of their new services now.

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