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How to make money online

fist full of money

fist full of money

I’m fairly sure that many who hit on my last post How to make money by blogging assumed that I was going to give them some magical secret making quick bucks.

The bottom line is that if you do not know:
how to be a skillful blogger;
how to create an archive full of quality content;
how to structure a search engine optimized blog;
how to promote your blog;
how to establish and maintain a faithful and growing readership;
and, if you have not accomplished all of the foregoing, then monetizing your blog is premature.

There are many ways to make money online both by blogging and without blogging. You will have to locate the associated links for yourself using Google’s search engine to research the following 25 ways to make money online.

(1) get paid to make friends
(2) get paid to surf
(3) get paid to search
(4) get paid to buy and sell ads
(5) get paid to read email
(6) get paid to review products and services
(7) get paid to take surveys
(8) get paid to blog (sponsorships and affiliate schemes)
(9) get paid to blog (paid per post)
(10) get paid to write
(11) get paid for advertising (passive schemes)
(12) get paid to pay online games
(13) get paid to shop and eat
(14) get paid to use your cell phone
(15) get paid to visit sites
(16) get paid to post comments
(17) get paid for mystery shopping online
(18) get paid for buying music online
(19) get paid for testimonials
(20 get paid for tips
(21) get paid to chat
(22) get paid to be an online coach or tutor
(23 get paid to an affiliate
(24) get paid to give advice and answer questions online
(25) sell items on ebay

This is part two of a three part series.

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20 thoughts on “How to make money online

    • Thanks. The bottom line here is that blogging is competitive. So, if you wish to make money by blogging, then it stands to reason that you’d best learn how to become an effective blogger first.

  1. Well great list but I don’t really like Paid to surf or paid to search kind of sites because they pay so less for the work you have to do. PPC, Blogging and CPA is the way to go.

  2. @Tommy
    You’re quite right. Many bloggers are not willing to learn the skills required to build a blog that’s reader and search engine friendly, let alone investing time into researching and creating pillar posts for their blogs.

  3. I agree that content is king. However,creating great content takes time and effort. Many aren’t looking to put enough effort into blogging to achieve a payoff.

    Great work!

  4. Hi timethief,
    Wow!You really know your stuff.I’m brand new to all of this and I can’t thank-you enough.Besides this post I read six others and I plan to keep reading and learning.
    Thanks again,

  5. So many blogs seem to be about how one makes money blogging. I’m actually a little confused by how one actually makes money from a blog and have assumed it’s via advertising. The rest of the stuff — that great list you have here, which shows how much work it really takes — is what draws potential ad readers in. I guess there are also those advertising posts, which I find a little dishonest without a disclaimer somewhere on the blog.

    Happy to be ad-free,


  6. @Sayz Lim
    Thanks for reading and commenting. You are right about several things. Content is king, marketing is queen, and no blogger who does not do their homework has a blog worth monetizing. Very few bloggers do make a full time living from practicing the craft but many more make a partial income from blogging. Best wishes for better blogging Sayz.

  7. TT, you sure give a lot of homework for your reader. One more things I want to share, it is very very rare for anyone to make a full income from blogging alone. One way to do this is to take blogging as your hobby and learn how to monetize/marketing. Content is King but marketing is Queen.

  8. Awww! I was looking for an easy way! That list looks like way too much work..

    Seriously you have a great point about really learning how to blog and making good content and archives.

    Nothing that’s worth anything, comes easy.

    I am still working on Point #4 concerning the search engine optimizing, seems that is a never ending lesson.

    Good post! Thank-you!

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