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How to add a signature to your posts

Have you ever wanted to spice up your posts, emails blogs and other digital content? Do you know where you can get your own free personal signature? Doc Nicole Sundeen of Kitchen Table Medicine brought to my attention and now I’m sharing it with you.

You aren’t required to register but it’s recommended. Why Register?

  • Have all your signatures in one place
  • Gain access to our downloads and plugins for Free
  • Manage orders and access settings that non-registered users don’t have
  • Get special pricing, discounts and offers on our signature art products
  • Did we mention it’s FREE?

Creating a new signature

Please select the method you want to use to create the signature.

Using the signature creation wizard
Select this method if you want to get an imitation of your signature. You will have to enter the name of the signature, select the handwriting that suits you from the offered list, specify the size, color and slope of the signature and it will be ready!

Draw a signature straight to the screen
Select this method if you want to draw your signature by hand/mouse directly to the screen of your computer. This is a fun and easy way to make your own signature. You can use a mouse-pen to go over an existing signature and replicate it too.

Using a scanned image
Select this method if you want to get an exact copy of your signature. You will have to write your signature on a sheet of paper, scan it and send it to us. Our designers will process the image in a short period of time and use it to create a signature for you.

12 thoughts on “How to add a signature to your posts

  1. @sensico
    I tried using the mouse and the result was abominable. I thought I might try a scanned signature and immediately recognized that I did not want to post an image of my actual signature online … DUH! Finally, I used the wizard and I like the result I got. However, I may go back and make one in a black font, rather than in blue.

  2. I love the idea, but theres absolutely no way I can create a cool signature like yours and Tecks with a mouse. I will be practicing though. I really like the idea, there’s so many cool sites out there.

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