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Better Blogging: Post Length

I appreciate the writing of those bloggers who can organize and present their information in as brief of a post as possible. However,   bloggers who habitually toss out a few sentences (100 – 200 words ) and provide a link or two usually have nothing to offer me.  What their short posts lack is “meaty” content. There are simply too few words to explain anything unique or to contain much personality.  Most often, super-short posts do so little for me that I don’t return to the blogs on which they are published.

In blogging content is king and every blog needs pillar posts. Pillar posts are not your average blog post; they are longer than average. Pillar posts attract links from other bloggers because they are well-researched and contain original content. They outline expertise around a specific topic. Hence, they are comprehensive posts that offer great value to readers,  as their contents are timeless in nature.

It stands to reason that some topics require more coverage than others and that’s when real writers own the road and the wannabe’s hit the ditch. Writers know where and how to break up large blocks of text, how to insert relevant subtitles, images, bullets and/or numbered lists. They know how to organize and express their thoughts well, and they skillfully do so in a way that flows and keeps the reader engaged from beginning to end. In other words, they know how to write.

When it comes right down to it, it’s not the length of a post that determines whether or not I will read it. The degree of interest I have in the topic, the quality of the content,  the way the post is structured, and the time frame that I have to devote to reading  are key. If I’m short on time I will bookmark a longer post and read it at my leisure.

Discussion questions:

When writing a post,  do you take the length of your post into consideration?

Do you think your regular readers are more likely to skip over your longer posts?

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34 thoughts on “Better Blogging: Post Length

  1. My post are typically 1,000 words therefore I only post about once a week. I think people with very short post (100 – 200) are kind of taking it easy. My blog is also a blog about my personal opinion on a variety of issues so if a ready cares about that issue I suspect he/she will read the blog through till the end. Lastly, I do use pics to break up very long post.

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