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New settings for Media at

Posted by Richard

WordPress has added a number of new settings for controlling how your images and other files are handled when inserted into posts and pages.

Now in addition to setting thumbnail size, you can set the default size for medium and large images, and you can also choose the default image size for insertion and default image alignment.

Another setting that you will want to check out is the ability to choose the default media links. Some people do not want their images in their posts or pages linked to the full-sized original (so that it opens when clicked on) and others do. Now you can choose the option that makes sense for you. And don’t despair, all of these settings can be overridden in the insert media window at the time you insert the image or file into your post.

It would have been nice if these settings were included when the big upgrade was made several months back, but we have them now, and I for one am pleased.

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12 thoughts on “New settings for Media at

  1. Steven, the settings I mentioned in this article are for blogs at wordpress.COM, not for the self-hosted blogs using the software downloaded from wordpress.ORG. Those changes, if they occur for self-hosted bloggers, will not appear until 2.7. WordPress.COM got them early.

    This blog is hosted on the wordpress.COM free hosting service. There is no option here for comment email notification and we cannot use plugins. You can subscribe to the comments RSS feed though. That is all there is to offer right now.

    There is actually a pretty big difference between the highly modified multi-user software used here at wordpress.COM and the software from wordpress.ORG for self-hosted blogs. WordPress.COM had far more restrictions.

  2. On WP 2.6.2, the options for image sizes is limited to THUMBNAIL and MEDIUM – not large! What’s up with that? Also you should have comment subscribe so I’ll get an email if someone responds. Thx.

  3. @richard-As far as Gallery goes, it’s (knocking wood) looking to be business as usual.

    I hope this new change will assist people with their global image preferences. (By the way, have I mentioned that I suffer from a severe dust allergy?)

  4. @jennifer, I don’t think the dust ever really settles at the old .com, does it? ;-D

    Hopefully it won’t cause too much havoc with your FAQ post – fingers crossed for you.

  5. Wondering aloud if we shouldn’t wait until the dust settles. By Monday, it could be something else again. Honestly, I just can’t keep up with the incessant changes. Plus now I’m going to have to re-evaluate how this has an impact on my NTOWP.COM Gallery FAQ.

    tt-glad to hear you are on the mend. ((hugs))

  6. Hello TT,

    Sorry to hear about your injuries help you feel better soon
    here is a [cyberspace HUG] for you… :)

    Thats also great that Richard is helping you out also.. :)

    Take care TT,


  7. @Teck, you’re welcome. As Jennifer suggests, the changes over the past few months have been coming fast and furious, and sadly few of them are really announced. They need to do a much better job of keeping us informed.

  8. @Teck
    Yes, I am still the blogger who owns this site and I definitely will be updating it when I recover from my injuries. Richard is helping me out while I heal. Thanks for your concern. I appreciate it.

  9. Sorry for the unrelated question but i’m carious is Timethief, no longer
    updating this site… Again i was just wondering don’t get me wrong I like
    both your guy’s great quality posts… :)

  10. Thank you for the update I found about this in the forum it would of
    been nice if they would of announced this on there official blog…
    i’m also going to post about this to update my readers…

    Thanks again Richard for the update much appreciated


  11. Hey, that is definitely good news, and a lot more helpful to real-life blogging than the big tabular stats thing they’ve been going on about today. Way to go, TT! Look forward to finally spending less than 15 minutes per photo upload.

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