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Avoiding the “more tag” woes

Posted by Richard

The WordPress post editor, both at and in the self-hosted software from has a “more tag” function in the editor. When the “more tag” is inserted into a post and the post is published, there will appear a “read more” or “continue reading” link where the more tag was inserted which splits the post. Clicking on the “read more” will take the reader to the permalink post page, and allow them to read the rest of the post. It is particularly useful on long posts.

Keeping several simple things in mind can go a long way toward avoiding the “more tag” woes.

  1. Always put the more tag on a separate line, not within a paragraph or at the end of one (before hitting return/enter). If a more tag is placed within a paragraph, the ending paragraph tag effectively ends up on the full-post page (permalink post page) which means that on the main page, that ending tag will be missing as far as the browser is concerned, which will cause the rest of the posts to go wacky.
  2. Never put the more tag within a blockquote, or an ordered or unordered list. Just as placing a more tag within a paragraph will cause problems, placing it within a blockquote, ordered or unordered list will cause the same problems for the same reasons.
  3. Never apply formatting to a more tag (italic, bold, center, etc.). Again, the ending formatting tag will, as far as the browser is concerned, be on the full-post page and the formatting in the previous posts will go all strange.
  4. If the more tag is going within a section of text that has special formatting (italic, bold, center, etc.) end the formatting before the more tag and then start it again after the more tag. Again, failure to end the formatting prior to the more tag will cause the same issues as outlined in 1 and 2 above.
  5. It might be a good idea to go to settings > writing in your dashboard and select “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” and then click “save changes at the bottom of the page. This will not automatically fix all more tag issues, but it could very well fix a few here and there when you have a lapse of memory.

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9 thoughts on “Avoiding the “more tag” woes

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  2. You’ve got a few issues, but let’s start with the one that is most likely causing the problem. According to the how wide can my images be FAQ, the maximum image width for the “Light” theme that you are using is 420px and you have many that are over that width. This breaks the theme and causes the sidebar to move to the bottom. Firefox, Safari, Opera and Flock are quite forgiving, but IE is not.

    The first step is to open each post with a full-width image in it, click on the image, click on the image edit button at upper left, and set your full-width images to 80% and then press the update button. You might, might be able to get by with 90% (450px) but I don’t know. If you want to resize them to 90% and give that a try, you can, but you ultimately might have to go back through them again and change them to 80%.

    In your post called “●Trees: exquisite magnificent beings – breeeath in the tranquillity – thanks to these brilliant photographers’ images” move the image of the tree in the snow which is adjacent to the incredible sunset shot with the band of blue clouds to a separate line. The two image side-by-side are too wide for the theme.

    To make things easier, set your blog to display only one post per page and then take one of the posts as a test. Try it at 90% and if the sidebar comes back, then you are good to go. If it doesn’t, then try it at 80%.

  3. love the look of yr blog
    did a search for

    !– next page

    i’ve use more tag with no problem
    it’s the next page link that has messed my blog only with INternet explorer [which i don’t use] but 75% use it so it’s vital i fix this glitch – the right colomn with all my bells and whistles widgets is stuck way down the page right by where the next page link is

  4. It’s great that WordPress allows you to selectively add the ‘more’ tag to different posts! All Blogger template hacks seem to force the tags usage across the board, making the blog more of a magazine style when it works. Another plus for WordPress!

  5. @H, Glad you find the posts helpful. I post from time to time, but timethief works very hard to keep useful tips coming.

    @Teck, thanks very much.

  6. I really appreciate these tips. Your blog has helped me have a deeper understanding of blogging, how to manage my posts and sharpen my use of wp for blogging. Many thanks!

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