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SEO isn’t rocket science

by Guest Blogger  voodookobra


In the field of Search Engine Optimization, there are co-called “experts” who act haughty and write with an air of superiority as if they’ve singlehandedly cured cancer. These people are delusional; and they hope to pass their delusion onto everyone else so they can keep going to the bank. SEO isn’t rocket science, despite all the books that have been written on the subject. The real challenge is (and I can’t stress this enough) maintaining a high level of SEO without depleting your content.

1. Don’t be lazy

There are so many little things you can do to make your site Optimized without watering down your content, and they’re obvious, too! The problem is that these little things take time, and we can all be lazy sometimes.For example, using <h1> tags for your header, or alt tags in your images. Search engines can’t see images, and they weigh the <h1> tag significantly. If you’re not using a blog platform that does this automatically: Use keywords in the title and URL of each post.

2. Maintain relevancy has a nifty tool called the SEO Browser, that lets you see your website or blog [roughly] how the search engine spiders see it. Additionally, they provide you hints about how to improve your “SEO score.” You might get a hint that says, “Title relevancy is less than 100%.” This means that the text inside the <title> tag should appear multiple times throughout your page if you want a search engine’s attention (but not too often, or it might flag your website as  a spam website).

3. Go for W3C Compliance

I used to moan and complain every time someone informed me that Kobra’s Corner had “errors,” but one day I went through my HTML code and fixed every mistake. It took ten minutes, and it ensured that my webpage would look the same on every browser (except the really old ones that don’t support alpha-blending in PNG images, but they hardly count). This made me look really good to Google and Yahoo, and it allowed me to reach wider audiences than the Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox users.

If you follow those 3 steps and your SEO Score isn’t quite at 100%, be glad. If you all you want is a website optimized for search engines, the only skill you need to have is “copy and paste.” Taking a few points off your SEO Score to guarantee your website or blog is interesting and user-friendly is a worthwhile sacrifice; especially if you’re one of the thousands who are blogging for profit. Search Engine Optimization isn’t that difficult (neither in theory, nor in practice). Invest an hour in your blog or website, and you’ll thank yourself for it.

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7 thoughts on “SEO isn’t rocket science

  1. Boy where do I start with this one??

    “SEO isn’t rocket science”

    No true, but if it was as easy as your 1-2-3 theory why would major corporations invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into it every year?? They must be really dumb huh?

    SEO is not about receiving a PageRank, in fact it probably makes up around 5% of the puzzle and following these 3 steps will get you no where near the top of Google in a competitive market.

    ” SEO isn’t the same as link-building ”

    Well actually it is, it is a part of the SEO process, optimising your site for peak performance in the search engines?

    I really don’t mean to be contentious, but when I read posts like this it really winds me up, SEO is not a simple process and can take years of tweaking to get right, it’s like a huge jigsaw and all the peices have to be present in order to gain the best results.

    TT you no were cool but this post is seriously flawed compared to it’s claims. :)

  2. There are many things I cannot control on my WordPress dot com blogs. One thing I can use to influence the attention Google gives my blogs is tags I choose. I am also starting to get smarter about titles, though sometimes I want to have fun with a title and not just please Google’s robots.

  3. SEO isn’t the same as link-building. SEO is making your website easily rendered by a search spider looking for which keywords are most relevant to your content.

    As for getting a PR, have patience. Suddenly having a PR won’t make a noticeable change in your traffic. If your content is interesting enough to where people link to it (even in discussion forums), then you will slowly build up links.

    Trying to rush the process makes you look shallow and desperate (especially to any StumbleUpon users who find your page).

  4. thanks for the tips..

    my blog Beijing 2008 Medal Tally is still n/a. I was really hoping to get a PR. is the PR update finish already?

    any bookmarking sites where you submit your blog? I really need some SEO tips and some tips to get a PR.

    thanks a lot.

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