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SplogSpot: Dealing with content thieves

The only time a complete post can be legally re-published is when prior written permission has been received from the copyright holder. In other words, the same rules that apply to the world of print also apply in cyberspace. Perhaps the most annoying thing about being a blogger is having to deal with the parasites who steal copyrighted material and post it on splogs that they pimp out for advertising income.

I previously published Splog Off! Dealing with content theft that lays out the steps to take to lodge a DMCA complaint but now there’s something new.

What is SplogSpot?
SplogSpot is service that keeps track of spam blogs or Splogs. The splogspot spam database can be queried by anyone using the SplogSpot API. This will help blog related services, directories etc keep their sites clean.

How does it work?
SplogSpot has automated software that can detect spam blogs. SplogSpot also accepts manual splog submissions, that are first reviewed and then added to the database.

How to participate?
When ever you come across a Splog (spam blog), you can report it to SplogSpot.

How it helps?
Maintaining a database of spam blogs will help us to avoid splogs whenever possible. Also, on request, the splogspot spam database will be made available to any good willed person or project :) And the most important of all, you can use the SplogSpot API to determine the genuinty of a blog, when handling blogs in your custom built application or anything like that. SplogSpot also provides a full dump of the Splog database (weekly).

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  4. @shirley,
    I really admire the way you follow through on things. I remember the beginning of this story and I’m so happy to hear that your persistence resulted in a happy ending.
    Best wishes for happy blogging and give those little ones of yours a big hug from me. :)

  5. @Teck
    Thanks for being such a faithful reader and for the extras you have done for my blog too. When I can I’ll reciprocate.
    Happy blogging to you :)

  6. @Robert
    Thanks so much for visiting. I haven’t been up to much except healing but when I return I will return to researching an writing some great stuff for improving our blogging.
    Best wishes :)

  7. @Moonbeam McQueen
    I’m so glad to hear that you like my blog. I had an accident almost two weeks ago now. I took a really bad fall off my deck and face planted my head into the side of a large and very solid stoneware planter. I have various injuries. The worst is the concussion and migraine headaches but these too will pass.

    On the bright side, I’m almost ready to leave for my sister’s wedding. While I’m gone the blog will be under Richard’s expert care. He will be writing guest posts and Roads may write one as well. I’m going completely off the net – no blogging, no email for 10 days.

    When I come back I intend to continue my How to Become a Better Blogger series.

    Take good care,

  8. Great advice. Another tip that I learned on my own due to the splog using my name. After they used my husband and my name in the splog I requested our names to be removed because I did not want my name associated with it. They refused to do so. I went directly to the newspaper which is where they found our name turns out it’s copywrite infringement because they didn’t link to the paper. We are no longer associated with the splog.

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