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Free Blogging Tools and Resources

constructionsignOne of the things I’ve been working busily away in the background on is my Resources page. Although there is much more to come I would like to draw reader attention to the wealth of free blogging tools that have been listed there. Thus far you can find links to free blogging tools and resources and related review posts listed under the following categories:

To locate these simply click the Resources page link above.

blogging polls

Update: October 11, 2008 : PollDaddy polls have now been included in blogs.
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  • 13 links

blogging surveys

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  • 3 links

blogging tools

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  • 6 links


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  • 11 links

color tools

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  • 26 links

css tips

  • 3 links

css tools

  • 5 links

email address obfuscators

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  • 5 links


  • 1 link

html tips

  • 1 link

html tools

  • 4 links

image hosting

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  • 15 links


  • 5 links (and many more coming)

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5 thoughts on “Free Blogging Tools and Resources

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  2. Hi there,
    I’m only on the letter “i” in the alphabet. There are many more free tools and resources that I will provide links for and descriptions of as I go along. I’m glad you find what I have up now to be useful.
    Happy blogging!

  3. tt,

    this is a great idea and a very resourceful page. As time go this page will grow as well and at some point will be a “don’t try to blog without visiting this page…” thing.


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