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GetSocial for bloggers

getsocial Update: October 25, 2009 Please see GetSocial Live Bookmarking

GetSocial is a social bookmarking tool made especially for bloggers. It automatically generates a (specially designed) social bookmarking toolbar for each one of your posts.

This is a 100% scriptless way to create social bookmarking links, which makes it a perfect solution for users who don’t want to futz about with code. It is also based on a 3 step wizard interface which is very friendly and easy to use. Oh, and it’s 100% free! If you are interested then here’s where to find it.

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25 thoughts on “GetSocial for bloggers

  1. Yes, I understand your pain. You must remain somewhat withdrawn from blogging until you recuperate completely. You have several irons in fire, yet you are managing them well!


  2. I guess I have the old version of it and I choose to delete tailrank because no one had ever used it. To be honest I’ve been so focused on surviving the head injury, concussion & damage to my optical nerve that I have let small things slide. Having to cope with running a business & a house & fibromyalgia is already lots. When I add on blogging it’s actually more that I ought to be doing even though I have scaled back :(

  3. Hmm! Then it is probably the themes that make the difference! Also, the script has changed probably in recent time because the latest one from the website which I am using has Facebook link too on it (unlike the one here).

  4. Please tell me how to get the ‘+’ sign in place of space ‘::’ in this social bookmarking tool as suggested by archgfx (the comments are closed there). For example on my blog in the most recent post you’ll find that the dots are below the icons! I replaced all :: with + and that is the result! Do we have to do it manually?! I think the ‘get social’ button is easier to use but it doesn’t look as nice!

    By the way, I just discovered that this site tops in Google when ‘WordPress blogging tips’ is searched!:D

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  6. I’ve used GetSocial and it’s a breeze. I’m fairly new to wordpress, so that makes a difference! The wizard is excellent. The only glitch I encountered was my own on the final step: when I tried to paste it into the first blog, I forgot to switch to html view. Once I figured that out, no problems. It’s also great to be able to select from four options in terms of how the icons display.

  7. Great resources and feedback, timethief. I’ll be back when I have more time to work with GetSocial! I’m new here, too!

  8. @andybig
    SIGH There is no automatic way to have these icons post to the free-hosted version of wordpress hosted on this multiuser blogging platform by

    Please use the link in the blog post to contact the creator of the code and have him deal with your issue on his blog.

  9. Nice nice! I wonder if I have to paste the code on each of my post or is it automatically generated – well no other way to find out than to try! Thanks for sharing ;)

  10. @Hillel
    About your note. I like the social icons I have now well enough to stick with them. So if getsocial turns out to be more hassle and takes more time then I’ll stick with what I have. Thanks for dropping in and happy blogging. :)

  11. Hey there :)

    GetSocial will guide you through the entire process with a Wizard interface, it’s designed to be extremely easy to use, and there is tooltip assistance for everything!

    About the different icons question: you want to have the links to social bookmarking services that your visitors use, as well as those you use yourself. In any case there are 4 different styles you can choose from (one of which is very small, so it won’t distract your readers).

    It’s the most advances solution you will find all over, Get it [at the link provided in the post above.]

    Note: the Social Bookmarking icons you currently see on this post are the ‘old’ ones and are *not* generated with GetSocial (which make much prettier icons)!

  12. I don’t have the answers Steve I just spotted this yesterday and have not tried it out yet myself. All I can I suggest is that you ask the blogger who came up with this feature.

  13. I’m so ignorant when it comes to this stuff, and hope you don’t mind if I ask 2 questions:

    1. I’m assuming it ‘holds our hand’ through the process of registering our info to correspond with the bookmarklet buttons?
    2. Can we list only those buttons which we use? I don’t use all those services and have no desire to register with all of them!

    But thanks for sharing this. I’ve wanted it on my blog, but the manual on all entries seemed so tedious.

  14. Hi Mark,
    I know what you mean. I’ll give getsocial a whirl and check it out just as soon as I have some time. If it’s easy than what I’m doing now then I’ll use it and if not I won’t. I think it’s great that people are innovating and coming up with features we can use.

  15. Hmmm. Thanks for the heads up. I was wondering how people were doing that on WordPress dot com. Now I gotta think about whether I want that many icons on each post. I’m starting to go retrograde on some of this Web 2.0 stuff, feeling tapped out by it all.

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