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How to use Digg effectively

about-diggguyAlthough I have been a member of Digg for a long time, I have not been using it. I decided to research how to use the site and its features effectively and I found a recent blog post that fits the bill nicely called: Build traffic with Digg that I’d like to share with my readers. I also found two others that are topical and you will find them below under references.

What follows is only an brief summary please refer to the post linked to above for more detailed information.

How it works
Digg dot com is social bookmarking community where a great number of bloggers meet to read posts and “digg” their articles to get more visitors to their blogs. The website and it maintains credibility by using a “voting” process . The better the article submitted is the more diggs it gets and, the best of all appear on the front pages. If you’re not member of Digg yet you can register now.

If you have a post that you think could hit the front page on Digg, you can notify other blogger friends and ask for their support in advance. Once you submit the post for listing, you can use shout-outs to encourage others to digg your article within the first 15 – 20 minutes of listing. Also note that by posting the Digg button on your posts you make it easier for others to digg your article.

The right stuff
The important things to consider when assessing whether or not you should submit a post to Digg include:

  • submit only original well written content
  • include exceptionally good images
  • well written technical, tutorials and how to posts tend to fare better than others

A word to the wise

In 2006 randfish wrote “Top 100 Digg Users Control 56% of Digg’s HomePage Content
“At Digg, a very select group of users is dominating the popular homepage content. Far from being a mass of opinion, Digg is instead showing, primarily, the content opinions of just a few, select folks.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with this – it’s not a secret or a problem and it isn’t hurting Digg’s popularity, reputation or importance. But, it is something that many folks who use the site don’t realize and many marketers or folks attempting to use it to promote their content should be aware of. Like the college frathouse, it pays to know the right people at Digg.”

How to get dugg more diggs more traffic
Bloggers Ultimate Links Lists Social Hits Information Thread
Digg This

SearchRank made five suggestions on social media friendliness that may help you be Dugg in a big way.
1. Remove Blog Name and/or Sections From Title: all you need is the title of the post.
2. Include Appealing Descriptions (Stay Within Character Limitations): if you want to practice writing tighter copy, and you should, sign up for Twitter and practice summarizing your post in 140 characters, including a link.
3. Submit to the Most Relevant Category (Avoid Multiples if Allowed): stay on topic; to be specific, stay on one topic.
4. Stay Within The Topic of the Social News Site: SearchRank noted how sites like Sphinn and Small Business Brief cater to a dedicated niche. Your submission to these sites should do likewise. At bigger sites like Digg, keep to the most relevant category.
5. Will Others Find Your Submission of Interest? Boring only gets clicked when the facts are truly staggering; think about the recent revelations about major leaguer Roger Clemens and his friendship with country singer Mindy McBride.

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  4. Thanks for the coment I’ve got a much better idea of how digg works now. I think a group of diggers must have dugg my article then something I had dugg or written elsewhere made the lot of them undigg. Wonder what it was?

  5. First of all… Thank You. I will do some studying. I seem to have issues stumbleing WP blogs. Often I get a blank white screen after I write the review and it never stumbles. Ideas?

  6. Was there a compliment in there? I am not even sure what a pillar post is much less able to write them. And… I am still not sure how this whole Digg/Stumble/etc actually works.

  7. Thanks for commenting Eric. I do agree with you about the complexities. IMO it’s best to focus on submitting only one’s best. :)

  8. Nice post,

    Digg is extremely complex when it comes to “beating” its calculations for what should be on the front page. But the simple fact remains. Good quality posts and great pictures are by far the best way to get noticed.

  9. Thank yo timethief! After reading your post, I registered and added the digg widget onto my blog.

    Keep up the great work!

  10. You’re welcome. and thank you. There’s no much help to be gained by posting to the wp[com]forum these days. Most questions can be answered by checking the FAQs and this blog will provide answers from many others as well. Best wishes :)

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