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Blog Catalog Ebook: Snooze and You Lose

What is BlogCatalog?

Blog Catalog is the premiere social blog directory on the internet. Whether you’re looking to promote your own blog or find blogs on various topics, this site is for you.

Registration is free. Join Blog Catalog, get to know other bloggers and their blogs. Make friends and join neighborhoods. Join one or more of the many groups. And, follow them all on your dashboard.

Purchase the BlogCatalog Ebook

A Blog Catalog member has written “the” ebook when it comes to using Blog Catalog.The price has been reduced to $5.00 and you can purchase it through paypal at lulu.

The ebook on Blogcatalog contains over 100 pages on every aspect of blogcatalog, as well as, tips on how to use Blogcatalog to influence all areas of your blogging and social networking.

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16 thoughts on “Blog Catalog Ebook: Snooze and You Lose

  1. @cooper
    Now that I have begun to catch on to how social networks work I really prefer Blog Catalog to the others that I am a member of. The tools are superior — love that dashboard and all it’s functions. The general discussion forums as well as groups and neighborhoods provide opportunities to meet other bloggers and locate blogs, like yours, that I would not have otherwise found.

    The ebook is a work of technical “art”. It covers absolutely everything and I simply can’t praise it enough. However, an old hand like you must have much more familiarity with the functions and philosophy than I do.

    Thanks for dropping in and commenting. Y’all come back now y’ hear. :)

  2. I was a member of blog catalog when it was listing agent only, so I don’t really do anything now but whip through the discussions while doing school work. I find them amusing.

    I get a lot of traffic from mylog log but don’t scroll new members any longer or at least rarely. I have settled in to the blogs I like in my community and look through them weekly.

    Most of my traffic is independent of any social network because I started blogging way before all these little things popped up and don’t really use them as a source of traffic because traffic does not translate to readers.

    I don’t blog for money so for me there really isn’t a traffic or seo issue I care about.

    It’s nice that blog catalog exists for newer bloggers because with so many out there now it can help get traffic, the only problem I see is that many people do not realize there are millions of blogs out there, most using no social a social network.

    I’ll check out the e-book later, when I get home though.

  3. @scope
    You charmer you. You will not see me around the wp[dot]com forum. Where you will see me is a Blog Catalog because I know you are going to join, right? It’s a great place to network and to promote your blog so when you join mark me as your friend so I get a notice telling me that you are there.
    Stay happy!

  4. @chris
    When it comes to some social networks not being the best fit for your blog I do think you are correct. For example: although I’m a member of Digg, I don’t cotton to witnessing an inner circle who block vote and that’s the scene there so I rarely even cast an eye in that direction.

    On the other hand, my blog must be a good fit for Blog Catalog though because I’m a new member and today my blog is in the top 10 most popular blogs at BC.

    If you can still log into BC you can remove all your blog information yourself if you don’t want it to appear there.

    Bye for now :)

  5. It seems that I am the only person to dislike blog catalog.
    They rejected one of my two blogs on my first submittals, Few people came to my blogs in the couple months i was there. When i did a google image search with my blog name, the hundreds of places I visited at blog catalog came up. (because of the avatar image).

    They never answerd my E-mail concerns, and I see my account is still active, even though i canceled it months ago.(LOL)
    It just goes to show, even the most popular community, mat not be the best fitting for ones blogs.

  6. Dear dear dear,

    I thot you’d never come. :)
    It is wonderful to see you again.
    You are always welcomed to provide some pointers on my silly blog.
    See you around in WP forum.
    Best rgds!


  7. Of course I will continue to help you whenever I can. However, I think the ebook is great and I do recommend that you get a copy. I also agree that Blog Catalog is the best of the social networks that I have tried. Without doubt it has the best tools and the best community. I hope you visit me again soon and until then best wishes for happy blogging. :)

  8. Do I really need the book or can I continue getting great advice from you. Since I am fairly new to blogging I have found that Blog Catalog has the best community and tools to promote your blog. While randomly submitting to directories to get traffic, no other place got me instant results like BC.

  9. @Steve Rebooted
    Wow! It seems that we have had the same experience. I’m also a mybloglog member but I don’t get enough traffic from there to bother placing the widget in my sidebar. IMO one of the things that’s most lacking at mybloglog is the forums that we have at Blog Catalog.

    On the other hand, IMHO Blog Catalog lacks nothing. It’s a great social network for sure. Aside from the forums and the directory we have groups, friends, neighborhoods and a truly “hot” dashboard with all kinds of intuitive tools that we can use.

    If you have not downloaded the Blog Catalog ebook I recommend that you do ASAP. I’m sure that you will be glad that you did.

    Y’all come back now y’ hear. :)

  10. @Garg the Unzola
    Thanks for dropping in a commenting. I think that this ebook is outstanding. I was able to quickly locate the information I needed and I really appreciated how clearly it is written. Because I’m new to Blog Catalog I expect that I will be relying on it for a long time to come. It seems every time I use it I find another useful tip. Hooray! for the BC regulars and particularly for Chris.

    Y’all come back now y’ hear. :)

  11. I’ve joined MyBlogLog and Blog Catalog, and I like Blog Catalog much better! In fact, I only list the Blog Catalog Recent Viewers widget on my blog. It reminds me of a WordPress version of a social network. In that it’s close-knit, people keep ‘good tabs’ on one another; and there’s a sense of community. Plus, the administrators actually verify one’s blog and its’ content before accepting a membership. THAT CAN’T BE SAID ABOUT MyBlogLog.

  12. This E-book look really good. Written by someone us regulars on BlogCatalog know very well as someone who is very enthusiastic about building traffic – and very good at it!

    I think if you are new to BlogCatalog, and you have no idea where to start, this book is worth it.

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