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More on inserting images full-sized at

By Richard

The procedure that I outlined in this earlier post is one way to insert images without WordPress resizing them (even when you select full sized), but I have found another way that at least for me is quicker.

Click on the “add an image” button and upload your image as usual. When the image has finished uploading, select and copy the Link URL of the image (red box below) to your clipboard on your computer (ctrl+c Windows, cmd+c Mac). Scroll down and click on the “Save all Changes” button at the bottom of the window.

When the window refreshes, paste the URL you copied above into the “image URL” field under “from URL” (blue box below) and then click the “insert into post button.

The above only works when you are uploading and inserting images at the same time. If you are inserting multiple images, wait until they are done uploading and then scroll down and click the “save all changes” button. Next, click on the “media library” link at the top of the window. Click on the “show link for the first image you wish to insert and then copy out the URL (red box above). Click on the “choose file” link at the top of the window and then paste the URL into the “image URL” field under “from URL” (blue box above) and then click the “insert into post” button. Repeat with the remainder of the images.

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8 thoughts on “More on inserting images full-sized at

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  2. Thanks! I started using WP because I liked being able to post my photos in a larger size, so the update was very frustrating…

  3. Roads,
    Thanks and yes it is a neat trick which saves many steps AND does it sans new code, which in at least some cases is very desirable.

    My suggestion for WordPress (which I am going to make to Matt) is that they provide an “as-is” selection on size which will insert the image actual full-size cleanly with none of the miscellaneous code. I’m also going to suggest that they change the “full size” label to something like “maximum for theme” which is far more accurate.

  4. That’s a neat workaround, Richard – many thanks. What you have done here is to find a neat way of eliminating all of the new WordPress code from your HTML, by pretending that the image didn’t come from the WordPress servers, but from an external site instead.

    Which kind of begs the question really, what on Earth is that new code doing there in the first place…?

  5. @robertstevenson
    Thanks for the complement on the article. Since I have no experience whatsoever with autohotkey and socialsignature scripts, I am afraid I won’t be much help.

  6. @KayDay
    Ha! Ha! Ha! This post was written by Richard so you haven’t tracked me down yet . I’m far too serious perhaps even boring, that is, when I’m not being overly sensitive. … lol :D)))

  7. Another timely, relevant, and authoritative post I can use.
    BTW my social bookmarks stopped working and I have no idea why. I use the same process using autohotkey and socialsignature script, but it no longer works. I uninstalled and reinstalled autohotkey, but no luck. Any suggestions.

    I’m sorry but I can’t help with autohotkey and socialsignature script. I use word and do 2 find and replacements and then I manually copy and paste them in when the post is in the preview stage.

  8. I’m gonna bird dog ya til you agree to an interview–c’mon. My book will be richer with your learned WP comments! Seriously. You are WordPress guru. I mean this blog is really heavy stuff! Enjoyed the read–your tutorial on migrating WP blog to your own domain caught my eye. You make me a braver woman! Enjoyed–Kay

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