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Latest UPDATE: October 4th, 2014. See also Finding Blogs with Similar Content

There is a search function for blogs and you can see it in action right here. Some bloggers have been seeking tips on how to locate other blogs. There are two other search approaches that can be used to find blogs at and they are outlined below.

(1) Google searches – Here is an example of a search string that will produce results.

[key words] wordpress blogging tips [note there is no space following the colon]
indie music

By changing the key words you can locate blogs by subject matter and by the site ie.

(2) global tag page searches – Here are examples.

By changing the key words you can locate blogs by subject matter.

(3) Once you have located other blogs with subject matter that interests you Tag Surfer then you can type the URL`s of those blogs into your Blogs I follow list  and have a feed to them in your Reader or any feedreader that you can check on a daily basis.

(4) Please take note that by failing to assign categories and tags to your blog posts you are making your blog posts “hard to find”. Here is a post that may help you “Promote Your Blog: Increase Traffic”.



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  1. Great blog, and thanks for your info, i register my wordpress blog today.

    1. Best wishes for happy blogging. :)

  2. Very cool. Love your style. I look forward to learning from you. :)

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  3. Interesting Information. Thanks!

  4. I have a question, I pressed edit profile and changed my picture for my profile but it’s still the one it was before…when will it change or can I just not see it?

    1. There is no instant change of avatars, blavatars and gravatars. It takes time for those images to propagate throughout the internet. See here >

      Please post questions like this one to the support forum

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  6. @brouhahahaha
    Richard is quite right I created the page by hand as there is no automatic way to do so.

  7. There isn’t an automatic way of doing it here at The one on this blog is created and updated by hand. The main work is in getting caught up to your current posts, after that it isn’t too much work to just add each one as you do them.

  8. Hello there – great blog! Very informative.

    I’m wondering if there is any quick way to create a page listing all posts similar to the “all posts” list on this blog. I’m using the Cutline theme and have the free WordPress page. Any tips appreciated!



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