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Working with widgets at the new

Guest Post by Richard

The other night I was trying out a few different themes on my blog and I think I have discovered solutions to some problems being reported in the forums regarding widgets. I do not know if these solutions will work for everyone, but they did for me.

Switching Themes and No Widgets Shown in Sidebar Panel

Problem: You try a different theme and then switch back to your old one and the sidebar under Design > Widgets does not show any widgets.

Solution: Click on the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the sidebar panel and the widgets you had been using will now show up in the “Sidebar” panel.

Disappearing Widgets

Problem: You add a widget to your sidebar and the edit link does not show up, or if it does, when you click on it, the widget disappears from the sidebar.

Solution: After adding a new widget to your sidebar click the “Save Changes” button below the sidebar panel before attempting to edit the widget. You should now be able move the widget to the location you desire, and edit the widget settings and content. Make sure and click the “Save Changes” button again after you are done.

Not All Widgets Showing in Available Widgets

Problem: You go to Design > Widgets, possibly after switching themes or to add a new widget to your blog and even when you select “Show all Widgets” and click the “Show” button, it does not show them all.

Solution: Click on the “Save Changes” button below the “Sidebar” panel and the page should refresh and show all available widgets.

Hopefully “Design > Widgets” is going to get some attention from WordPress and these issues will fade away with the next upgrade.

6 thoughts on “Working with widgets at the new


    Reminder to self – IE SUCKS.

    Sorry for all the shouting but man, I should have known all I had to do was to open my standards complient, ever the solution Firefox.

    Thank you once again and peace today too.

  2. RubyShooZ, I wish there was a simple solution, but this was a problem for some before the recent upgrade. What browser are you using? IE is known to have this issue although I have seen a couple people say they were experiencing it with Firefox as well.

    What I can say, that in Firefox on Mac and on XP, I have no problem selecting, copying and pasting text in a text widget. With IE, I can’t even see the entire widget.

    If you are using IE, try downloading and using Firefox until WordPress gets the IE bugs worked out. When they do, if you want to, you can uninstall Firefox and go back to using IE.

  3. I’ve got a question since you seem to be very knowledgeable about widgets is why (or am I dreaming?) can’t you copy anything in a widget or move things around?

    Is there a simple answer to this? I’ve tried both highlighting then clicking copy but that doesn’t seem to work and I’ve even tryed contol + shift but no.

    Please tell me the simple anwer is just that no, you cannot do that.

    Eagerly awaiting a magicical cure….

    Peace today.

  4. The thing that is strange is that people using the same browser/operating system are experiencing different problems. One has this problem, but another doesn’t have that problem, but a different one.

    I have to wonder if WordPress didn’t go a little too far out on the cutting edge with their programming. Of course there is also the possibility that they just didn’t take the beta and release candidate testing far enough to ferret out the worst of the bugs.

  5. I haven’t dared try it since the ‘upgrade’ but was freaked out to find after saving changes on one single text widget that all 16 of my sidebar widgets suddenly disappeared and reverted back to the default settings. It was only after a forum poster said that the same thing had happened to her and that they’d just bunched themselves down at the bottom of the widget page that I was able to recover the sidebar back to its original setting without starting over at zero. This really shouldn’t be happening – another thing to add to the growing list, I’m afraid.

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