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Inserting images full-sized in new

Guest Post by Richard

WordPress gives you three size choices when you insert an image into a post or page using the “Add media” function: thumbnail, medium (approximately 300px in the longest dimension), and “full size” which actually isn’t, and is approximately 450px in the longest dimension. WordPress actually uploads the full sized image, and then scales it when it is inserted into the post or page, so your full-sized image is actually there.

If you pre-size your images to the size you want in an image editing program prior to uploading them, these three choices won’t work for you if you want to have the full size in your post or page.

In a post on the forums regarding this very issue, tisme provided a solution.

  1. Upload your pre-sized images using the “Add an Image” function
  2. In the media library click on the thumbnail of the image and you will be able to see the URL of the image
  3. Copy the image URL into the clipboard (ctrl+c in Windows, cmd+c in Mac)
  4. Get back to your post editing page
  5. Click on the “Tree” icon on the visual editor toolbar
  6. Paste the URL you copied in #3 into “Image URL” field
  7. Click “Insert”

Repeat steps 2-7 for each image you want to place in a post or page.

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10 thoughts on “Inserting images full-sized in new

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  2. Daddy,
    The good news is that there are work arounds for those of us who don’t want WordPress deciding what is best for us, and if you click on the link in the last paragraph of my comment right above yours there is another way of doing it that reduces the number of steps.

    As I said in the comment above yours, for those without a lot of experience, the image insertion routine WordPress has developed will lessen the problems many experience since it will not insert an image that is too wide for a particular theme.

    For those of us who pre-size our images properly, options are still there for us as well.

  3. As someone who hs a clue, I hate it when tools try to “do it for me” and A) do it wrong, while B) leaving me no option to have them NOT do it for me.

    Thanks for the info and now I know that this is a clear WordPress bug,
    not a feature.

    and letting me know how I now have to work around all the bugs to get it to work like it did before… just fine.

  4. @fooeyusa

    In my experience from the very beginning with the new upgrade, the “full-sized” option has sized images, and not put them in actual full size. In the beginning, all images I put in using the “full-size setting would be sized to 450px wide, no matter what theme I had up on my text blog.

    What I’ve noticed just lately, is that the “full-size” option is now taking into account what theme you are using, and when you select “full-size” it will insert the image with a width near the maximum for the particular theme you are using. On the one hand this is a good thing for those with little knowledge of image editing and for those that don’t realize that they cannot insert a 2000px wide image into a 500px wide post area without breaking their theme.

    For those of us who size our pre-size our images, we would not necessarily want WordPress deciding what size our images should be. Take a look at this post which streamlines the process considerably for inserting images without WordPress resizing them.

  5. This stinks! Why has wordpress made so many mistakes with the “update”? Is this a recent change because I swear this was not happening when the update was first introduced, in fact last week I added a full size photo without a problem but all of a sudden this morning I have to go through 10 steps. ???

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  7. Thanks for a speedy reply to my forum post, timethief. I think that the “new” WordPress has a lot of neat features, but it did seem like several extra steps were added for posting photos. However, I like the addition of a gallery where you can store photos – I keep my nonprofit’s logo in ours, which is handy. Great site – I’ll look here before just trying the forums in the future.

  8. Hi Ian,
    It’s good to hear from you and better still I can see every letter that you wrote above. :)
    I believe the very fact that we have no answer to your question and the strong possibility that we probably never will hear one highlights the communication gap between Automattic management and end users.

  9. So tell me tt: if this is an upgrade, which you would assume means improvement, why do we have to jump through so many hoops just to do what came so easily only a couple weeks ago?

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