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Tellyworth, Key Master April , April 9th, 2008 at 1:24 am

We’ve already fixed a number of uploader problems, and we’re working hard to try to track down and fix the rest. Unfortunately we’re receiving many vague reports (“nothing happens”) but very few that include sufficient information (such as the basics suggested here).

Please don’t assume we know what you know and see what you can see. Please try to include sufficient information when posting a question or contacting support. We cannot help otherwise.

If you contact staff using the Support button that is normally available on your Dashboard Monday-Friday. Make sure you send them the following info:
– your browser
– your browser version
– your FULL blog address (not the name, the real address that begins http:// )
– your FULL username
– your REAL email address that is registered here
and a very good description of the exact problem.

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2 thoughts on “Details for Staff:

  1. @Will
    I do not know what you mean by the grid focus theme.

    I do know that the first step is to hire a web host and to download software from
    (2) Have you looked into “install for free“?

    Welcome to the Install4Free website. Here, you can request that a WordPress expert install WordPress at your domain. If you are interested in a free installation, please start by reading our Terms and Conditions. When you have read them, you will have the option to request an install….
    We will:
    * Install WordPress to your website into a directory of your choice (such as ‘blog’), or the root.
    * Verify the blog works by making 1 post and 1 comment.
    * Delete (from our system) any passwords / cookies / browser information on completion.
    * Provide some links to additional information that may be of some use; i.e., Codex, Support Forums, Theme Viewer, and Plugin Repository.

    I hope this is helpful. :-)

  2. Hi Timetheif, I really like your site, great resources, especially liked the polling widgets you’ve found. Very useful! I’m having some trouble with my blog and was wondering if you could help me in some way? I have a blog already but I would like to start a new one with the grid focus theme. As far as I understand in order to get this theme you need to be hosted away from wordpress dot com and take up a dot org account. I have read much of the info but It’s hard to know where to start. Would be of great interest to hear what you think I should do.
    Thanks again,

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