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stumbleupon iconIf you have noticed the changes to my sidebar then you will have noticed that I have joined three social networks (Blog Catalog, StumbleUpon and Mybloglog). My aim in joining these social networks so is to promote onecoolsiteblogging and increase traffic to my blogging tips, blogging tools and blogging resources for wordpress bloggers posts.

Stumble Upon is a social website which allows its users a new way to experience the Internet. Instead of searching for specific items on search engines like Google, Stumble Upon users only have to tag specific personal or professional interests and then ‘channel surf’ the web by simply clicking on a button on Stumble Upon tool bar.

Upon doing so, they will be randomly directed to specific websites which adhere to their lists of interests. Users can then choose to tag the webpage they are on or give it a ‘thumbs up‘ or ‘thumbs down‘ to indicate if they want to see it again.

Users can also use the Stumble Upon toolbar as a form of social bookmarking. By surfing the web and tagging or submitting specific websites, each user can keep track of which websites they like and share it with others. (1.)


I’ve yet to really become effective when it comes to using stumbleupon so I set out to find some posts regarding the same and I was pleased to find a post that contained 5 Tips to get the most out of Stumbleupon.

Better still is that the post also included:

Extra resources for mastering stumbleupon

  1. A Comprehensive Guide to StumbleUpon. Great guide for those who want to use stumbleupon to get traffic by doshdosh.
  2. Stumbleupon Add-ons. Great list of add ons that are available to add extra features to stumbleupon.
  3. Unofficial Stumbleupon FAQ. A great FAQ for any questions you might have about stumbleupon.
  4. Stumbleupon Tips video

18 thoughts on “How to use Stumbleupon effectively

  1. great article. I can see the benefits of stumble but haven’t received them yet. This will give me a few clues to jump in.

    thank you.

  2. I am not using a plugin. This is a free hosted blog and they do not have plugins. I am using a script. You can find the link for it here Alternatively “get social” can be used on any blogging software and the link is found here

    However, as your blog is a self-hosted install I recommend that use use the “share this” plugin

  3. What pluggin are you using for you social book marks?

  4. Hi Charles. Thanks for dropping in. :)

  5. Not too different from Google’s I’m feeling lucky then except someone stores all your browsing activity (to make your experience a little easier)!?

  6. @Vinh Le
    It was and is a great article. It’s comprehensive and that means that you saved myself and others a lot of time when it came to locating resources. When my glasses arrive I’ll read everything again and hopefully some of it will “stick”. :-)

  7. @timethief: Thanks for the link love. I don’t remember if I welcomed you to stumbleupon in my message to you on stumbleupon, but in case I didn’t “Welcome to stumbleupon!” Glad you liked the article.

  8. @sitehoppers
    No amount of free beer will tempt me to leave the most effective social network I have belonged to. In fact, I detest beer as much as I detest advertising gimmicks. IMHO sitehoppers will have to go a long way to actually design software that directs subject targeted traffic to a site, i.e. who are likely to become faithful readers, as opposed to a rush of one click wonders, who are just passing through.

    Nine: “The advantage of stumble upon is that users vote in their favorite articles or websites and the system then allocates it to people interested in those subjects. When you vote an article or a website down it becomes available to less and less users so in a way it cleans itself up. Also, you are not required to participate to get traffic so it not only addresses the bad content but appeals to the really great writers as well AND it gives new users the opportunity to get exposure.”

  9. You should try SiteHoppin too, we are in the beginning stages so you might benefit by switching to SiteHoppin. We are giving away 5,000 Beer Credits to anyone who closes their StumbleUpon account and starts

  10. I should add that if I ever get tired of the colorful little row of icons at qarrtsiluni, or the ShareThis rigamarole at Via Neg, a StumbleUpon button is the one thing I would keep. For things like photos and poetry, SU is the best. The people who use Reddit, Newsvine, Furl, Digg — their interests rarely stray beyond politics, current events, weird news, and tech.

  11. @Teck
    YAY! – that’s good news ;-)

  12. @ time thief i’am admirer of your blog you have posted allot of great articles and resources and no never be your competition. My main interest is to keep the gaming community update with game topics just post blogging tips as a second interest.

  13. @Dave
    I think I’m getting the hang of stumbleupon and I do know where you are coming from when you refer to the mob behaviour at Digg.

  14. @Teck
    Sheesh … I thought you were an admirer but along long you’ve been plotting to become my competition … :-(

  15. StumbleUpon is great on its own merits too – a brilliant web-surfing tool. And unlike Digg, it doesn’t reward mob behavior, and will deliver small but steady streams of visitors to less-popular types of blog posts.

  16. Hello Time-Thief, Great article!!! have you tried >Digg<. Digg is another social network that works by people voting (digg it) on your articles you submit. The more diggs you get on a article the more traffic it drives to your site.

    P.S. I have been gaining a great interested in the blogging tip category. You have inspired
    me so i’m think about turning my Teck Line blog into a blogging tip blog to inform, people of all the great resources that are out there for bloggers. :)

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