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Update: April 8, 2010 See > Social Bookmarks for blogs

This is a 2 year old post. Please proceed to the post linked to above this text.

This morning I had a couple of appointments to attend prior to coming online and this will be the case throughout the week. When I did come online I found a comment awaiting moderation that was really a question.

I read it and I felt bad. Obviously, the blogger who posted it could have found the answer quickly himself. This made me wonder how many bloggers are not aware of the basic wordpress blogging resources that are available at

Blogging tip of the day: If you use the FAQs and forum search boxes you will find answers to your question more quickly than you will by posting to the forum or, asking another blogger.

Question: “How do you put the Digg and other buttons at the bottom of each post?”

Answer: Gosh, I feel bad because you waited so long for an answer that could have been gained in just a few moments by using the correct resources. This comment of yours has nothing whatsoever to do with the topic of the article that you posted to. Also it’s not a comment — it’s a question.

I’d like to encourage you to become acquainted with the FAQs and forum search boxes. These two will provide you with answers more quickly than posting to my blog or the forum will.

FAQs search box – type in “Digg button” – results

Forum searchbox – type in “social network buttons” – results

There is no elegant or automatic way to post social bookmark icons at the end of posts on your blog. Several possibilities do exist that involve fussing about with altering code on existing buttons but I’m not promoting them.

However, if you are willing to take a few extra minutes when you publish a post then a workaround has been provided by a well known fellow wordpress blogger. If you proceed now to the archfx post via the link I posted above you will find (1) the code and (2) the instructions so, you can place the social networks icons at the end of each post as I do.

Happy blogging!

add to :: Add to Blinkslist :: add to furl :: Digg it :: add to ma.gnolia :: Stumble It! :: seed the vine :: reddit :: furl :: TailRank

21 thoughts on “ How to add social bookmark buttons

  1. Social bookmarking service is refreshingly simple while still offering plenty of power. One of the most important Tips n Tricks Social Bookmarking Buttons is to provide the readers with a very easy way to bookmark the articles they find useful. People who are aware of social bookmarking and use it every day, I think, use their bookmarklet or toolbar, so these buttons are for the occasional social bookmarker, the internet cafe surfer… Or, like some friends I know, using company computers that won’t let them add extensions and/or often require changing place.

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  3. Hey : ) Just wanted to let you know I updated my code and now I have 17 Social bookmarks that people can use. It’s as simple as following a tutorial and Ctrl+C Ctrl+V
    Check it out [Here]

  4. Hi Dave,
    I was interested to hear about the use of the Stumbleupon, Delicious and Reddit on Qarrsiluni so thanks for sharing. Did you click through to Adam’s site? The Facebook icon has been included in the script since February 10th. I choose to use the old script but there is a new one. Also note this one too social network bookmarks Thanks again for stopping in. Have a good week. :-)

  5. You might consider hosting an updated form of the code on a page here. But if so, it would probably be a good idea to swap one of the more obscure links for an “add to Facebook” option.

    Some people find the icons distracting, but depending on the theme, I think they can make for an interesting design element. And I do think that they act as visual prompts to submit stories – at least that’s been our experience at qarrtsiluni, where StumbleUpon in particular has brough several thousand extra visitors over the past few months. Stats suggest that delicious and Reddit are also used fairly often.

    Of course, now allows the addition of some of these links to the default feed, too, though I think Feedburner is still a better option there.

  6. @skykid
    The social bookmarks you see here have not had a significant impact on this baby blog or on others that I have had that were well established. This does not mean that they won’t on yours as other bloggers have told me they do on their blogs. Best wishes. :-)

  7. Be aware, however, that the archfx code omits the title values for all but the last icon, Tailrank; those should be added for the hover text, which is at least minimally illuminating for those who don’t know what the heck all the pretty icons are for (still a large proportion of visitors, in my experience). See qarrtsiluni for an example.

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