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How to see how your blog looks in other browsers

A new friend of mine asked a blogging tips question that I wish more bloggers would ask and find the answer to. I have copied and pasted my blogging tips and links to blogging tools for him/her below because I’d like to share them with others too.

I viewed your blog using both IE7 and FF and it displays well. The only problem IMO is that your front page is overburdened and takes to long to load. I would suggest that you limit the number of posts on your front page. The more images and embeds and scripts one has running on their front page the longer the page takes to load. Also note that if you have more than 100 links on that page some search engine spiders will stop indexing it. So once again limitation is required.

Setting that aside, if you want to see what your site looks like in different browsers then here are some tools that you can use to do that. – Allows you to test your web design in different browsers. Usually takes between 20-45 minutes for a report.
It’s important to remember that many people surfing the web are using outdated browsers. It seems IE6 is the most common one in use at 30.7%. You can confirm the figures here

Some recommend
“By far the best and fastest return of images.”

Happy blogging. :-)

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12 thoughts on “How to see how your blog looks in other browsers

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  2. @Dave
    I’m sorry about the delay but I had appointments with eye specialists and have not been online. Now the drops are wearing off I can see better. Thanks for the link. I prefer Verdana for exactly the reason you have stated.

  3. Very timely! I just discovered two hours ago that IE7 was messing up the bottom of my sidebar. It had probably only been that way for a day, but still, I was abashed. Now I’m wondering about Safari…

    I can’t wait for IE8 – but if you’re right, adoption is likely to be s l o w.

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